CDPR Is Already Acting Like A Big Publisher

The Witcher 3 only released back in 2015, and for those that don’t remember, CD Projekt Red was surging in popularity, but they weren't necessarily a household name. In that short five years, CDPR has become one of the most well-known companies in gaming. That explosion of success and notoriety seems to have had a negative impact on them overall.

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ArchangelMike222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Excellent article. Very well thought out and well put.

Power (money and fame) corrupts.

I honestly can't remember the last time a publisher was this underhanded. Basically, the last 8 years of Cyberpunk 2077 was a lie. CDPR knew it, and they deliberately compounded that lie to take avantage of, and make money off the very consumers that they had been courting with glossy promises for all those years. To say it's a betrayal is putting it lightly, it's corporate exploitation and treachery at it's finest.

SullysCigar222d ago

They've tasted success and money and that's all that seems to matter now. Passion be damned.

Prove me wrong, CDPR...

oof6781220d ago

All they really had was The Witcher. They were a one-trick pony for awhile lol

TallDarknWavy220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Success and money is all that matters?
Dude, they delayed this game a year, it was just too big. Witcher 3 ran terribly when it first released as well. CDPR will put any amount of money and resources into fixing glitches post launch. They don't do microtransactions. This is hardly the behaviour of putting money before everything.

The reaction to a game releasing with glitches is such a cry baby dirty diaper fest, I can hardly believe it. People are acting like their non existent girlfriend cheated on them.

SullysCigar220d ago

^ @TallDarknWavy, Wow. Re-read your last paragraph and reflect on it..

bloop219d ago

@TallDarknWavy: You're acting like the game is your non existent girlfriend.

TallDarknWavy219d ago

lol I've never seen people take glitches so personally. The language people are using is so butthurt like "we were betrayed, how can we ever trust CDPR ever again, they betrayed us with glitches", like really? They're acting like crybabies who think the glitches will never be fixed. The game design is there, it just needs polish. Witcher 3 was also full of glitches and today it runs fantastically.

tombfan219d ago

@TallDark... Your comment was going ok, till the last paragraph... One thing is just have bugs, and the other is having a game so poorly optimized for everything except PC and next gen hardware (trough backwards compatibility) that it's unplayable in it's current state.

People are acting like they should, even a movie has more frames per second than the average fps on Cyberpunk. And that's just a part of the issue, this poor optimization makes the game even more sensible to have game breaking glitches and bugs, there are tons of things that goes wrong when you don't optimize your game, not just FPS drops.

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AngelicIceDiamond221d ago

"Power (money and fame) corrupts."

They made a game about that now they've succumb to their own creation, how ironic. It's like the game foretold what they're becoming.

RememberThe357220d ago

Almost like the people making it knew first hand how bad their management was.

ArchangelMike220d ago

They don't need to role-play Corpo so hard. Arasaka would be jealous.


outsider1624220d ago

They should have just cancelled the PS4 version if they thought their game wasn't gonna run well.

Take The Last Guardian for example. That game was announced on PS3 until it got cancelled because the PS3 wasn't capable enough and so they released for PS4.

CDPR should have done the same.

RCslayer219d ago

RIGHT!! the sales of the XS1 and Ps5 would easily make up for the 150 million consoles that the Ps4 and X1 has...... oh wait. Use your brain man.

Juancho51219d ago

Thats not the point RC. It's a new console, with leaps in graphics and performance. Super Nintendo games werent being released on NES for a reason, theres no justification for releasing dumbed down last gen versions other than GREED.

They couldve just released it on Next Gen consoles like they were supposed to, you get greedy you get SHIT on.

anast219d ago

@Juan Actually it wasn't supposed to be a next gen game, it was supposed to be a current gen game. So, they needed to understand their constraints and work within the constraints they set for themselves. For 6 years of development it was a current gen game.

outsider1624219d ago

If the game you're making, isn't even running properly on old gen..would you release it? There's your reputation/trusts at stake here too.

Unless you're greedy and you want those 150 million.

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frostypants219d ago

Wow. The dogpile is real. The last 8 years were not a lie. They just released too early.

annoyedgamer219d ago

EA does this daily. But its shocking that CDPR got so full of themselves so fast.

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masterfox222d ago

I think humbleness was lost here and selfish entlitlement kicked in with CDPR, cause they thought they could do whatever they want with gamers.

mafiahajeri222d ago

Fact is they are and they can, the games a huge sucess because of dumbass gamers who got brainwashed by hype. They should announce a shit load of upcoming DLC as free after this mess, not just patches.

Sunny_D220d ago

I mean the issue is no one knew what the performance of the game was going to be like because they hid it from the public. Not everyone is spending their time on gaming websites to find out every little detail of a game.

RgR220d ago

Refunds are available. Nothing wrong with hype. Don't preorder....especially digital since that stock doesn't run out.

Simply because they made a buggy mess doesn't entitle you to their free labor. That is wholly up to them.

electroblood220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I was one of CDPRs biggest fans. I have been waiting for Cyberpunk to see what they could do on their own from scratch, without someone else's ready-made world to step into. It plays fine on my PC, bugs are infrequent for me, but this mess is unforgivable. No excuses to be made here. I cant even stand to play the game knowing how terribly they behaved.

CosmicTurtle220d ago

Cyberpunk is someone else’s ready made world. It was a pen and paper RPG back in 1988. I believe the game was originally set in 2013 and a later edition was set in 2020 (which I played),

anast219d ago

It's Mike Pondsmith's world.

isarai221d ago

They burned me once already with the witcher 3 launching so poorly optimized and looking quite downgraded from its reveal "gameplay" trailer. So luckily i was already approaching this cautiously, i still want it, but not till it's in a stable state and the actual next gen versions launch.

BLow220d ago

For me, I didn't buy the Witcher 3 at launch. It was easily out for a year or 2before I bought it. Igor the complete edition for $20. So you know it was awhile after launch lol.

But I did hear and read about the problems. Such a shame that this happened. You live and you learn. That's part of life no matter who you are.

ApocalypseShadow221d ago

Hopefully in their next gen updates, there's a ray tracing light patch to their shady practice listed in the patch notes. Even though some gamers have seen the light, this will give those loyalists who still give them a free pass some illumination. They scammed gamers.

Father__Merrin220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

If a publisher doesn't support you or your platform you should not support them.

I would not even buy it on ps5 or series X S as your getting the base game with no improvements, the only thing you really get are back compat enhancements nothing more

RememberThe357220d ago

I keep seeing "it runs fine on PS5," but why would I buy it on PS5 either? The console versions are empty and blurry. PS5/XsX can do so much more than this shit show.

Father__Merrin220d ago

Exactly there's no point buying. Even on pc it will only run smoother frame rate only if you have an extremely high spec pc all other bugs glitches are the same

myfathersbastard219d ago

Also, it doesn’t run “fine” on PS5. Frame rate and resolution is better, but still sub 1080 most of the time. But the bugs still make it practically unplayable. I put in 7 hours or so. Crashes and progression stopping bugs constantly.
The game runs like shit on all consoles. It’s just a fact.

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