Demon's Souls - Game Of The Year 2020 Nominee

Gamespot: "Bluepoint Games once again did the unthinkable in recreating From Software's iconic Demon's Souls, and that's why it's nominated to be our Game of the Year for 2020."

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Babadook776d ago

I just finished it yesterday. Definitely a goty nominee.

StormSnooper76d ago

Game is great, as long as you are a Souls/borne kind of gamer. Personally love it.

derek76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Love it, such beautifully realized environments. The gargoyles in Latria, the filth in the valley of defilement, such rich graphically detailed game. Certainly the best looking game this year by far for me, and top 5 overall for me.

CaptainHenry91676d ago

The magic build was fun to play

EmperorDalek76d ago

If it counts, then it should win. The trouble is higher production values don't make it a new game.

EmperorDalek76d ago

And I just realised this is a GameSpot article... They already gave Demon's Souls game of the year in 2009.

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