Atari Reveals Google Chrome Browser Is Built Into Atari VCS

This is interesting news. Today, iconic entertainment brand Atari announced that Google’s Chrome browser is built into and powers various online services on the upcoming Atari VCS PC/console hybrid.

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Darkborn274d ago

How is this scam of a console still not released yet?

Matology274d ago

How do you know it's a scam?

Garethvk274d ago

It has been promised for years and is supposedly only now coming out.

Darkborn274d ago

There were multiple red flags that happened. For the longest time no one, not even the engineers knew what the specs were. They showed "footage" of games being played on it but it was actually on a pc and there were caught because one of the games devs came out and said they were never putting that game on this console and requested it be taken down, it's been delayed multiple times over years and they keep asking for more money and increasing the price. There's more things too but I stopped watching after a bit.

Garethvk274d ago

There was a debate if their hotel would arrive before the console.

Vits274d ago

I mean it's a Linux based computer.... Chrome should be there as well as Firefox.

Garethvk274d ago

They have promised it for so long I am just curious if it does anything more than play retro games.

Vits274d ago

Unless you really only heard of it when it was first announced and them didn't followed anything after that. You shouldn't really be curious about of what is going to be capable of. Because that is more or less public information.

It's OS is based on Linux and the system is not locked. Meaning that you can run any other distro that you like or even Windows. While it's CPU+GPU is a Ryzen Embedded R1000. And while we dont know the especific model we do now that is either a 2 Core 4 Thread or a 2 Core 2 Thread model either with a Vega 3 Graphics. Meaning that performance should be comparable to something like a Athlon 200G.

What in terms of real world performance means that emulation until the Wii will be great. Indies will likely run as well as eSports titles. But as far as AAA goes... Well older stuff like until 2014 should run somewhat playable, but newer games will really struggle.

But honestly. I think this device is fantastic as far a concept. Because it's just a very sleek looking mini-PC. The $300 for the base model is really not that bad because for that price you normally can only find Intel Graphics based mini-PCs and they are pretty bad.

The issue though is it being sold as a game machine. Sure it can game, but it's going to be much more usable as a HTPC. The lack of a larger storage is also annoying. But it does have a M.2 slot so at least we can expand it.