DualSense Haptics Is Kind of Game-Changing, Says FIFA 21 Dev; We'll Add More to It Going Forward

FIFA 21 gameplay producer Kantcho Doskov described the DualSense haptics as 'kind of game-changing'. Thus, the developers are planning to do more with it, adding more features.

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waverider79d ago

its really a next gen controller.

1Victor79d ago

I haven’t get a chance to try the controller but when even the hardcore Xbox fans have nothing bad to say about it this controller most be amazing.
I can’t wait for supplies to stabilize and I can get my PS5 🥺

InUrFoxHole79d ago

Its better to be objective than a blind fan. Sony took a leap forward. You gotta respect that.

SyntheticForm79d ago

It soundly beats the DS4 and the DS4 was a fine controller, but I preferred the ergonomic feel of the Xbox controller.

The Dual Sense easily beats both.

nickanasty20678d ago

It really is something else. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsofts hand is forced to updating their controller to have similar features. Sony took Nintendo's tech from the joy-con and actually implemented it in a way that developers want to use. I noted recently that even AC Valhalla now uses the Dual Sense with its latest update. With all this developer support, i won't be surprised if this is the standard eventually moving forward. Good on Sony for doing this.

Cybermario79d ago

i have heard nothing but good things of the dual sense haptics, i hope mode devs make use of this tech

S2Killinit79d ago

I literally buy the games that make use of it because it adds so much. Even a game like Fifa 21 is using it to good measure and it works nicely.

specialguest79d ago

I haven't experienced it yet, but if it's like the haptic on the Oculus Quest(or better), then that's definitely a next level controller evolution

Ratchet7579d ago

Way better than the Quest ones.

Silly gameAr79d ago

If it's like the haptic on the Pluton Core 2400, then it's next NEXT level controller evolution. Sorry. I just had to mention a gaming console that had nothing to do with the one that the article is talking about.

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The story is too old to be commented.