FCC to vote on free broadband Internet across USA

Free broadband for America has inched closer to reality: The plan, after two years of debate, is finally on the calendar for a full vote by the Federal Communications Commission.

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DiabloRising4314d ago

I doubt it will pass, at least not this year. Why give the people something free that they willingly pay for?

FantasyStar4314d ago

I think the AC-wave plans pertains more to Rural areas where broadband is scarce. I think the FCC is trying to bring broadband to those that have no means themselves, which explains the last part regarding Dial-up speeds rather nicely. I feel indifferent about the situation. Now if the FCC can mandate Fiber Optics all over the Nation, I'd be one happy person. I'm tired of forcibly being under the boot of Comcast and am anxiously waiting for a competitor to come to my neighborhood.

SPECTRUX4314d ago

verizon fios is awesome. get it when it comes to your area

AAACE54313d ago

Because in every other country, they have better broadband than us!

So if they were going to do something like give us the free stuff, and charge sky high prices for the better stuff... I'm all for it! That way, if you want it, you can pay for it!

I hope it does pass!

Electricear4313d ago

The point behind plans like this is to ensure that the public are guaranteed a basic level of information access. Not every thing in life is or should be about making money.

ThanatosDMC4313d ago

What happened to making cities all wifi? Is this the same, idea?

I want to be able to use my tx2500 anywhere without having to worry about internet.

ZootHornRollo4313d ago

its not free. its WWW2.

where they get rid of the tubes in the internet and put in pipes.

old joke.

but it would be free but unlike the net we have now where you can be anon if you have the skills to hide your self. now with the www2 they can just backdoor into your computer.

doubt me read about echolan and many other programs out there by the NSA

poopface14313d ago

I stopped reading after the part about no adult content. What does that even mean. Porn? violence? Internet bs? internet is free, but you cant access it.

WOW now I can check my bank balance for free, with the laptop I dont have. I think people are starting to depend on this crap WAY TOOO much. Like we dont have internet everywhere already. 20 years ago there were like no cell phones, now if you dont have one your already dead.

Make the regular internet cheaper, that would be good. Instead of some half-azzed free internet. If its free its good, but I ll believe it when I see it.

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Neo6044314d ago

I want free internet.

lokiroo4204314d ago

Makes you wonder why we pay what we do when this is a possibility.

phosphor1124313d ago

It does NOT cost 50 bucks a month to get serve 8mbps (PowerBoost) for a really doesn't. They just don't choose to upgrade or improve.
Verizon's FiOS is ridiculously fast for about the same price, and that's considering they are paying for all the Fiber Optics they are putting in, Comcast is still using their craptastic coax system, so the cost should be a lot less.

ZootHornRollo4313d ago

nokla tesla had free wireless energy but thomas edison wired unfree energy.

remember the fight between ac and dc.

SL1M DADDY4314d ago

Contact our senator? Congress? Governor? Anything at all?

Skadoosh4314d ago

Netzero was free. Of course I was getting like 2kb a second.

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The story is too old to be commented.