Here are some new amazing Deus Ex Human Revolution Ray Tracing Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Boris Vorontsov is currently experimenting with some Ray Tracing effects in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and released some new screenshots for it."

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ccgr79d ago

Can't wait to see more!

solideagle79d ago

now all the people will appreciate this game...I hope Square Enix will give a go for 3rd part. I just downloaded it yesterday. I loved the first one, people say 2nd is not as good as 1st but hey at least its not bug ridden and dumb AI, is it? :D

annoyedgamer79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

The second is missing some of the grandeur of HR but the art design and stellar soundtrack saves it, plus the graphics are amazing. Just make sure to play all the sidequests and dont rush through the main quest, take those side paths, go down those back alleys and try to pick up some of the achievements, you will find hidden quests and other things that arent listed. Also its dirt cheap to buy right now to get a physical copy on console.

Only downside is your new girlfriend treats you like dirt but luckily she isnt around much as Adam works alone.

VivaLaManual79d ago

Sad there are no new ones coming...

Om4ever79d ago

A screenshot comparaison would Help. I don't see any Ray tracing effect

WireMucks79d ago

It is probably fully ray-traced,.. so that is what you get ,.. granny shit,.. and that is what full on real time Ray tracing actually is going to look like for 10 years or so,..

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