Kojima Productions Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Thanks, Videos, & Merch But No game Announcements

As teased yesterday, Kojima Production celebrated its 5th anniversary today with plenty of goodies but without announcing any game.

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Flawlessmic181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I dont know why companys tease something and they know all people care about is a new game if the last one they worked on has been released and we are waiting for an annoucement on a new game and then they give us something we dont care about.

bouzebbal181d ago

I'm sure it's teased in that celebration video

Dirtnapstor181d ago

That wouldn't surprise me at all. Hidden messaging is Kojima's modus operandi.

Chocoburger180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Its not time yet for a game announcement, they literally just released a game 1 year ago. How could they possibly have anything to show, especially when COVID turned the world upside down over the past 11 months?

This is simply a 5 year anniversary appreciation social media event for the fans. Anyone who complains are being unreasonable to expect anything else.

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staticall181d ago

Yeah, that's why i don't like announcements of an announcements, they usually disappoint.

But, following Kojima's marketing during/after MGS V/P. T., there might be some secrets/hints in the video. Or there might be nothing. You never know with this guy.