Kena: Bridge of Spirits Take Advantage of DualSense Controller’s Important Features

Several titles that are playable on the next-gen console PlayStation 5 take advantage of the unique features of its controllers, the DualSense.

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neomahi121d ago

Sony would be very wise to acquire Ember Labs, uh, now! This game has PlayStation and thus Sony written all over it. It's PlayStation quality that seems these guys came right out of Sony Pictures. Does Sony really want these guys to develop for Xbox or Switch? This could be like losing Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, I'm telling you, this would be a huge acquisition. But what do I know, I'm just one small, insignificant, puny consumer, right? Microsoft would LOVE to steal this from Sony, as right now, they know after some time eventually they'll get it, but this is a move to combat Rare Studios, rival Nintendo (it seems like it'd be a good fit for Nintendo), but if Sony slides this rug out from under them both, it'd be a huge blow. I'm telling you Sony, these are very talented animators you don't want to lose or let go anywhere else, and a studio that has PlayStation First-Party written all over them, don't delay it, acquire them while you can.

Cueil121d ago

I started off nodding, but you kind of lost me in the middle

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Hikoran120d ago

It wordy mate but yeah, I agree.

Pyrofire95121d ago

Well I would hope so as I think the most important features of the controller is that it has "pressable" buttons and is able to be held in your hands.
Often companies, like Nintendo and Microsoft, do not do some of these.
Nintendo had the N64 controller which isn't possible to be held without 3 hands which most people do not have.
Microsoft release a controller which you could not hold or press buttons that they called the Kinect.