Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC nine months after Nintendo Switch, first PC tech details

DSOGaming writes: "According to some leaked documents, Capcom will release Monster Hunter Rise on the PC nine months after its Nintendo Switch release."

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SullysCigar278d ago

WTH is with your downvotes? lol

More games is always good! :o)

Vanfernal278d ago

Nintendo fanboys that get angry any time an "exclusive" comes to other platforms. Still salty over MHW.

278d ago
Vegamyster277d ago


Yes because the rest of the N4G community is so thrilled about the idea of exclusives coming to PC. /s

Neonridr277d ago

@Vanfernal - right, like Sony fanboys don't downvote anything bad said about their precious box.

SullysCigar277d ago

^ 2 things @Neonridr, first of all this is about PC, not Sony. Secondly, who said anything "bad" about Nintendo here?

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phoenixwing278d ago

I'm going to wait and find out

Lore278d ago

Really hoping the MH Stories series can make it’s way to other consoles in the future as well

CrimsonWing69278d ago

I'll pick it up if it comes to PS4/5.

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Sgt_Slaughter276d ago

This one is designed for the Switch, so no I'm 100% certain it won't come to those. Besides, PS4 already has World so you're fine.

CrimsonWing69276d ago

Yet it’s coming to PC, so how does that work?

godofiron278d ago

if it comes with crossplay between PC and Nintendo Switch users, that would be an absolute win.

It didn't happen with World, sadly, but hopefully with this one, they go even further.

GameBoyColor277d ago

Whoa this would be awesome!

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