Sony Shouldn't Bother Making a New Handheld

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "While the idea of a new Sony handheld would certainly be exciting to see, it would be best for the company to avoid re-entering the handheld gaming market, at least for the time being."

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bouzebbal81d ago

just keep the vita and enable remote play on ps5.. if we are naby to ask they will listen

Profchaos81d ago

I'd like if they did allow ps5 remote play on vita however seems they are pushing it more towards mobile devices and PC which is also fine it works great on them but vita was really nice to pick up and play on my PS4 remote play.

mikeslemonade81d ago

No new handheld and please stop the vita talk, the console died like 6 years ago.

BenRC0181d ago

Make me a handheld ps4 and ill happily pay £200

STACKmag82d ago

Just imagine what might have been if they'd made the PS TV a Vita dock instead of just a box...

instantstupor80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

The real head-scratcher with that one was they already had an officially supported SKU of the PSP that did that later in its life. No idea why they opted not to bring that feature forward. Lots of confusing moves by them with the Vita.

TheColbertinator82d ago

Even if they made one, they would not support it

FallenAngel198482d ago

For the time being?

There’s going to be no time that a dedicated handheld will be successful enough to warrant reentering the market

Vits82d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree. The current situation with mobile hardware is just not good for a new portable device.

Even though I personally would love a PS Vita 2 or something like that. I feel the close we can get is Sony finally porting PS Now for mobile platforms.

Profchaos81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Yeah it was like this when the vita launched I can't help but think if the vita came out two years later than what it did it would have benefited hugely around that time there was a sharp jump in mobile GPU power which then went stagnet for a while after the vita missed out on despite games looking good they could have been better.

instantstupor80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I think the problem wasn't graphics, it was cost to produce those games (and their well documented facepalm of a decision to use expensive proprietary memory cards). They said some of the bigger games like Golden Abyss/KZ:Mercs were hitting budgets of PS3 core-titles! That's pretty untenable for a handheld unless it shifts core-console like numbers - doubly hard because those titles tended to be $40 as well.

I think if they go back to handhelds they just need standard hardware that can either run a fork of their already established console tools, or runs on something like Android so robust 3rd party tools that already exist can be used to ease development. And I've always championed for a bigger focus on more "AA" budget titles on the Vita - sure, have a few big hitters to be loss-leaders, but more games like Freedom Wars. Or looking to the 3DS for games like Bravely Default and the like - smaller budgets, great games for a handheld.

Take one huge game budget and spread it over several ambitious, but smaller, games. It increases the amount of titles on the platform, covers more genres, and greatly increases the odds for one of those games to be a big hit where one high-budget title might just not sell for whatever reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.