Digital Foundry: Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One/X vs PS4/Pro Tested - Can Any Last-Gen Console Cut It?

Digital Foundry’s latest tests on Xbox One and Xbox One X, with comparisons to PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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darthv72116d ago

If you purposely limit the output resolution to 1080p on both the pro and X, does it make the framerate more stable?

snubspinster652116d ago

great question. i don’t believe DF investigated this scenario.

blackblades116d ago

Dont they usually say, lowering the resolution would fix framerate or at least help with it. As for the bugs dont these companies suppose to have beta testers.

RaidenBlack116d ago

They need to implement a more aggressive DRS to maintain a stable framerate.
The very same thing DF stated for AC Valhalla.

porkChop116d ago

Yup. The resolution doesn't drop low enough or fast enough.

Stanjara116d ago

No, Xbox does one internal setup of rez, then has a scaler chip that upscales or downscales that rez to your tv output setup. It doesn't matter.
PlayStation Pro is the same only for some games you can force the system to 1080p, or better yet to a regular Ps4 by turning off super sampling. But for some games it doesn't work either like Uncharted 4...Gow...Dark Souls Remasterd...internal setup in those games itself bypass that super sampling off.

Its bad...and we must all wait for patches.

--Onilink--116d ago

The system output resolution doesnt actually affect in any way the game’s internal resolution.

Profchaos116d ago

Very good point I'd love to see this tested

Shane Kim116d ago

I think it's just the video output. The games internal resolution is fixed by the developers.

seanpitt23116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I am on a 1080p screen and it will automatically super sample the image down but when your driving around it hits 900p more often on the pro so I don’t think it matters we will just have to wait for more patches until the frame rate gets more stable

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WireMucks116d ago

Hasn't anything released in these few days,.. and we are still talking about this broken ass game,..? why wouldn't you just wait 6 months and make a video about it.

116d ago
SullysCigar116d ago

Yeah, it's getting boring. I guess this is really just to act as a warning. It's AWFUL on base Xbox One and PS4, better on One X and best on Pro in terms of fps, but still not good enough. People should wait, but I don't think the old consoles will ever do the game justice, so I'd personally get a refund and wait until the patches are out and price has dropped - or better still get it on next gen, as by the time those versions land, some of the problems that aren't performance related might have been addressed.

That minute long freeze on Xbox One, though - 1 frame per MINUTE lmao - don't give them you're money yet guys, be patient!

medman115d ago

1 frame per minute? No, no....that is too much performance. I want negative numbers for my fps, or I'm not satisfied. When playing, I actually want the game to start running backward, losing all progress, tearing all the way home.

Flewid638116d ago

You've never seen news or coverage about anything that's current?

Babadook7116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Man. Pro nearly always has a bit of an FPS advantage over 1X. At least it happens frequently when the resolution is lower.

Profchaos116d ago

Yeah exactly that Devs try to squeeze more out of the X and end up with a inferior product my personal preference is fps over resolution either hit a stable 30 with as high as possible res or drop the res until you do.

On the flipside we can see going for a higher resolution on Xbox paying dividends based on players getting a higher resolution on sx than ps5 but it's nothing to write home about only a few rare games I felt like the X gave a better image over the pro rdr2 bring one fit it's grass fidelity but it was minor at best

IRetrouk116d ago

Still can't believe they released this like this, I've played a bit on ps5, no mad glitches yet but have had 3 shut downs.... not good enough.

Seraphim115d ago

it's kind of crazy they didn't push back console releases but I bet they needed that pay check. Not to mention all the delays already to get the game where it currently is. CDPR, while notorious, is still a smaller studio who likely doesn't have massive cash reserves. For a brief bit I thought the industry was realizing it shouldn't announce games to early but that doesn't seem to be the case. Though imo more developers should wait until deep enough into development to announce a game that actual footage can be shown and the games release could be w/in a year or two tops.

As for the shut downs. Honestly I don't think it's Cyberpunk causing the shut downs. I finally got my hands on a PS5 Wed. Which is the only reason I bought Cyberpunk. I decided to finish Shadows Awakening before starting CP because if i put something down I tend to not finish it & I prefer what I start unless it's a terrible game. Anyway I'd wager that game crashed at least 5x a night from Wed night through Sat night when I finished it. Shadows Awakening is not a very demanding title & ran completely fine on my Pro; though it had super slow load times lol. Personally I think there's just issues in the software on PS5 that Sony needs to iron out. We early adapters are again beta testers.

A friend also got one Wed after I gave him a call to let him know they were in stock. I swung by tonight and he started talking about the Cyberpunk shut downs but once I said what my experience was he quickly realized. Dam, that's actually been happening to me too with other games. Though I don't believe he's had a problem with any of his PS5 games. Just PS4 titles he's playing and he tends to play half a dozen titles at the same time. I haven't actually played a PS5 game but imagine those run fine. It's just a kink in the software causing shut downs on PS4 games atm.

IRetrouk115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Its not the system from my experiance, I've played ghost, god of war, need for speed, tekken 7 and spiderman so far on my system with no issues, I've also played astro bot, spiderman miles and remastered, dirt 5, godfall, and cyberpunk, only dirt 5 and cyberpunk have caused a shutdown issue. Both devs have acknowledged these issues too by the way.

Father__Merrin116d ago

Horrible game not even worth a 5

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