PlayStation 5 Review: BaeStation 5 Setting the Tone for Next Generation Gaming

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PlayStation 5: The PS5 delivers a LARGE, and slightly problematic, but wonderful gaming console at launch backed by an enjoyable array of launch games that offer quality across various genres which is extremely rare for any console launch, with an even more promising 2021.

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GamerBeast19821023d ago

I just want them to hurry up and let me know what i can use for more ps5 storage, ive already ran out.

Ron_Danger1023d ago

Finish the games you have maybe?

GamerBeast19821023d ago

I do, but i like to keep most games incase i want to revist them or ones i play online. I bought them why should i have to delete them and wait days again to download everytime i feel like playing something i paid for. Thats why i want them to hurry up and let me know what ssd replacment or upgrade i can buy. I have a external hdd with my PS4 games but until Sony sorts out the bugs i aint plugging it back in, my system hard crashes 90% of the time a external is connected.


The philosophical atmospheric horror game “Scorn” is now available for the PS5

"The London-based (the UK) indie games publisher Kepler Interactive  and Belgrade-based (Serbia) indie games developer Ebb Software, are today super thrilled and proud to announce that their philosophical atmospheric horror game “Scorn”, is now available for the PS5 via PSN." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

CappyBlack5h ago

Very lackluster game. Had high hopes for it, but it didn't cut it. Really only for people who appreciate the art of it all. It really doesn't deliver as the Myst title with obscene imagery it was trying to be.

jznrpg5h ago

Some Xbox sites were giving it 10’s

Tacoboto4h ago

The Xbox version's highest review score on Metacritic is an 80.

One review site gave the PC version a 10. One. Not some. One. That same site gave 100s to BG3, Starfield, Horizon Burning Shores, and FFXVI as well.

oIMyersIo3h ago

Which sites?

As Tacoboto said, only one is showing a 10 and that's for the PC version. I'd also question that publications credibility given they gave Starfield and a dlc a 10 as well.

Tacoboto4h ago

I agree.

The opening puzzle was a little too vague because I missed something super obvious once I realized what it was. The few attempts at combat back at launch were very rough. It gave me one bout of motion sickness in a section of the game was was especially grey and linear.

But when puzzles felt not-too-obscure and you got out of the grey-on-grey corridors, the experience was unique at least.

I didn't have as much fun as something more whimsical and colorful as Call of the Sea, but it wasn't a waste of the 6-8 hours I put into it. A solid 6/10.

TGG_overlord2h ago

Fair enough. Even so, I had a real blast watching the world's most famous e-begger cry over this game though lol.

TGG_overlord2h ago

Imo, it's a very mixed bag of a game...To be fair though, I didn't walk into it with very high expections...

shinoff21835h ago

To anyone that is interested this does have a physical release coming.

Vits5h ago

This game is great, but it's not for everyone. It doesn't hold your hand nor does it try to be accessible, combat is slow and you are always at a disadvantage so if you do engage you must make your shots count because the penalty for missing is often dying and that can reset a lot of your progress. Puzzles are in my opinion the best part, there are enough of them, they offer a good challenge and are also the best moment to appreciate the art style of the game.

The closest comparison that I can give would be with the original Echo Nights. And just like that game, I feel that you have to approach it with the mindset that it's not an action game and that you will get frustrated if you try to play it as one.

TGG_overlord2h ago

Do you remember old game "Bad Mojo"? That game wasn't for everyone either...This is the same kind of game in that aspect. Besides that, I agree with what you wrote.

Vits2h ago

Oh, Bad Mojo. Completely forgot about it and I definitely agree about it not being for everyone. If I recall correctly I couldn't stomach it for very long and I played it as sort of a challenge.

Concertoine2h ago

I agree, the game has stuck with me in all aspects of presentation: sound and visuals were on point.

LordStig3h ago

Tool album cover: the videogame.

Elda3h ago

Solely PS5 owners don't bother.

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