They Knew It Was Wrong. CD Projekt Red Deceived Consumers Anyway.

CD Projekt Red sought to mislead consumers and secure their bonuses when distributing review copies.

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Knightofelemia1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

No Man's Sky all over again I feel sorry for WB publishing the game when WB publishes something its good.

SullysCigar1024d ago

Except NMS is one of the greatest turnarounds in gaming history. Cyberpunk's got a LONG way to go to make good on these crappy launch shenanigans...

Army_of_Darkness1024d ago

I'm better off buying this game next year. Bugs will be fixed, added dlc, plus it will be cheaper.

MadLad1024d ago

CDPR didn't outright lie about the game they were releasing. The content they promised is there, it's just a janky mess.
No Man's Sky was a straight up lie in design and mechanics.
It's different, and I doubt it will take them three years to clean it up, either.

Sunny_D1024d ago


They straight up said the game "runs surprisingly well on PS4 and Xbox One"


That was a big fat lie.

RgR1024d ago


Maybe they meant the pro and XoneX

MadLad1024d ago


You need to reread my post and take it for its actual content.
Comparing a company who sold you an entirely different game, based on misinformation given based on its core mechanics, is a little different than saying here's exactly what we said it would be, but it runs bad.
Neither are acceptable, but comparing an unoptimized, buggy game to a complete lie of a product, in and of itself, is far from comparable.

That was my point.

That doesn't make Cyberpunk not a glitchy mess that still needed to cook, and I never said it didn't.

Rocketisleague1024d ago

Nms still missing it's biggest features tho. Any way regardless, cdpr are just as bad here imo. Nms though was easily worse.

These anti consumee practices make colonial marines look good

sourOG1024d ago

I loved Witcher 3 but I was toward the end of my hundred plus hours before they completely revamped the UI. They changed the game with smart fixes. By the time the ps5 version comes out it will be dope.

It still sucks one of the most “pro consumer” companies around still launched it like that and sold record copies on anticipation alone. You don’t have any “well intentioned” friends in business or government that’s for sure. Live and learn protect your neck.

outsider16241023d ago

Not just that..but how many people were working in Hello.

CDPR aren't just some small time developers. They're well well known for their Witcher series, the third winning more than 200 awards.

They knew it wasn't ready, be it PC or Consoles but released it anyway.

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RpgSama1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

NMS lied to us all the way till release, but when it was time to review it, people knew all the issues with that game, with Cyberpunk it was actually even worse, they only gave PC copies to reviewers and did not allow them to use footage from the console version on their reviews, knowing full well that only PC reviews would come before release and the unplayable mess that are last gen version of the game only now we are finding about it.

CPR not only straight up lied to their customers, but also tried to hide the state of their game even after the time of release. Disgusting behaviour

badz1491023d ago

actually it was even worse. the early reviewers weren't allowed to use their own gameplay footage for their reviews, only footage provided and hand-picked by CDPR themselves. so CDPR knew even the PC version was buggy but manipulated the reviewers to garner high scores. most early reviewers sounded the same..."if you're willing to ignore the many bugs still in the game at launch, CP2077 is a great game" which is BS btw and some shameless reviewers even claimed it as the best game there has ever been, masterpiece, setting new standards, unparallelled etc...like WTF?

RgR1024d ago

Comapring this game to NMS is a joke.
The only issue are the bugs. The game itself reviewed great.

And I know a few people with mid powered PC's enjoying this game right now.

RpgSama1024d ago

In current gen consoles it's unplayable and they straight up lied to all of us, because they literally prohibited for people to show the state of the game before release.

RCslayer1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

It reviewed great, yeah 4 out of 10 is great, 2 out of 10 is great, 1 out of 5 is the list goes on. This game is the biggest disappointment in years. CdR knew the game was garbage even on PC and still put it out. My buddy is running it on a cpu he built himself and the game is still garbage. It has been in the works for over 8 years, at this rate they should have released it for the Ps6 and Xbox 1234567 Series ABC by then it might be playable.

cooperdnizzle1024d ago

I have a good pc and it plays like crap and I know it first hand. And my buddy is on a amd rig that is considered better than average and he is having the same problems so try again.

outsider16241023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Then which game should it be compared to? Days Gone? DG got crapped on for bugs and glitches receiving 6s and 7s. Meanwhile CP2077 is 10/10.

Have you played it? Its just not bugs and glitches.

Petebloodyonion1023d ago

and the game got a 4 from IGN for the Ps4 version.

RgR1023d ago


I seriously doubt you have a good pc...or if you do then you must be trying to run the game at max settings.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1023d ago

LOL what? Thye HID what the game was liike, it looks nothing like what they showed, it is missing the things they said it would have. They hid reviews, and profited, this is every bit as bad, stop defending corporations sucker.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Its not just bugs and glitches, the open world is terrible, all window dressing, zero AI, interactivity, roads are empty, uncercooked, no Role playing like The witcher. This game was a scam.

badz1491023d ago

remember Days Gone? that one Sony game reviewers ducked points majorly for being buggy? the current state of CP2077 is so much worse but didn't stop shill reviewers handing out 10/10 eventhough CDPR had them by the balls in their own review by not allowing console version to be reviewed eventhough it comes out the same day, and not even allowing real time footage to be used, only fottage hand-picked by CDPR themselves to boot. what a freakin joke these shameless reviewers are!

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Godmars2901024d ago

Only CD red doesn't have another publisher forcing them to push out their game.

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sagapo1023d ago

Yes and no. Cyberpunk has bugs and framerate issues, No Man’s Sky was barely the game it was announced to be by lacking content.

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anast1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

At least Joel didn't die. Jk This is a let down. Right before the launch, I was talking with some friends about how cool CDPR was. And they decided to go 16xs the detail on us. It's still downloading so I am going to play it or write a crap article about why I decided to be angry. I haven't decided yet.

EmperorDalek1024d ago

Well at least Cyberpunk can be fixed. You can't fix the trainwreck that is The Last of Us 2.

potatoseal1024d ago

Trainwreck? Ohhhhh, you're talking about the Masterpiece that is The Last Of Us 2. The game that won a bag full of awards. Yeah sorry, that game is the opposite of a trainwreck. Maybe you need to get your head read.

Sunny_D1024d ago

You mean they're going to fix the terrible AI in CyberPunk? How long should we expect it to come?

oof67811024d ago

Preach that shiz~!