Tencent steps up its anti-addiction system for minors to control in-app spending

People below 18 years of age will be required to verify their identity to play games in China to control the reckless in-app spending.

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instantstupor81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

It's a start, but I don't understand why it is limited by age. If a game has been found to require an "anti-addiction" system in the first place, then don't allow that game to have that system in it! I'm not one to fall pray to these kinds of things, but it doesn't matter because it is anti-consumer all the same.

Those are system of monetization built around the tenets of gambling/addiction - preying upon known weaknesses in the general human psyche - which are somehow allowed to be essentially weaponized and then gussied up behind the guise of a game...I don't understand how it's legal. They either prey upon weaknesses in some, or simply makes a worse game experience for others (no one likes timers, split currencies, content gated in loot boxes, etc). Just get 'em out of there altogether!