Wii launch revealed thanks to product release list

A release list from publisher Ignition Entertainment, could have revealed more specific details for when the Wii will launch.

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HyperBear6191d ago (Edited 6191d ago )

I think if Nintendo are smart, which they are, they would launch it in October maybe, due to the fact that PS3 comes out in November, and if they were to come out with it the same month as PS3, then 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. PS3 would generate more advertising and bring in a lot of people into buying their system, leaving Wii, to hang out to dry. or 2. The Wii could possibly pull off the impossible and counter-fire Sony's PS3, making Sony not only start off the console war in last place, but with a high mountain to climb to get people to start buying PS3's over Wii's. Personally, if they launch it in October, there doing themselves something good, not only getting it out there a month before PS3, and at a lower cost, they would generate a whole bunch of sales and perhaps making Sony going back to the drawing board to see what they can do to improve sales over Wii and 360

HyperBear6191d ago

having said all that, Im looking forward to both of them, so I can be one of the few in my town to have all 3 next-gen systems. Thats gonna be cool, when I get one new system PS3, right after I get the Wii.

dfb19776190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

We will se it even before October. But saying that I think the Wii could damage Sony sales if released at the same time as parents will be attracted by the pricing. Seeing as I can have a 360 and a Wii for the price Of a PS3 I'll probably pick one up.

GrimFang46190d ago

Do we want a rushed product? The PS2 was rushed and never recovered from faulty components. I'll be happy with my Wii whenever it comes. Nintendo may wait if they're pompous. That could be dangerous, but who's a marketing expert here?

HyperBear6190d ago

Im just ending my 1st 2 years as a marketing student at my local university, and by the time 2008 rolls along, Ill be up there marketing games and systems like that, so if you've got problems with anything about marketing, just ask me.