Products to Consider if You're an Xbox Gamer & Want to Game on the Go

An article for Xbox gamers that includes some of the ways to enjoy Xbox gaming on the go and highlights the ways in which you can still enjoy various forms of playing your library of games.

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NeoGamer232358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I bought a clip for a controller for Android phone and really did not like it. Switched to Razr Kishi for android phone and love it.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan358d ago

Yah, the Kishi is really a neat creation. Good choice.

Unknown_Gamer5794357d ago

Lulz. Depending how much you want on the go gaming, it's possible it's better to set aside fanboyism and invest in a product by one of Xbox's competitors. Sadly, Nintendo no longer has direct competition in the dedicated handheld space, but the Switch is a solid product. Of course, it depends what you're looking for, but I'd definitely recommend it over some PoS mobile device.