Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Apologize for PS4 & Xbox One Issues, Promise Patches, & Offer Refunds

Today CD Projekt Red took to Twitter to post a message acknowledging the issues affecting Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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potatoseal224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Now any person who is unhappy with their purchase can get a refund, whether you bought it digitally or whether you bought it physically.

It's good of them to do this and they act like they're sorry, but they knew full well what they were doing by not allowing the last gen versions to get reviewed before launch. What they did really was sneaky and underhanded. But it's CDPR, so apparently they get a pass right?

Anyway, I'm waiting until next year for a real next gen version and for them to fix most of the bugs

solideagle224d ago

They did not get a free pass...they got plenty of heat hence this move. They are well respected but they should have delayed the game by few more months I think, so everyone would have been happy.

SullysCigar224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

They should have been open and honest. They knew the state of the last gen console versions and hid it from people until after they'd taken their money.

Option 1: Launching PC and last gen at once got them more money, but hampered their reputation.
Option 2: Launching PC first (even though it's still buggy as hell) and waiting on the old consoles would have bagged them a little less cash, but been honest.
Option 3: Launching all later, once next gen consoles are ready, would have protected their reputation, but lost them substantial holiday money.

It seems to me Option 2 would have been the best approach. As it it, they chose Option 1 and have now issued an apology/refund. This means they still look bad and will lose a little money, but they know full well that the refund option will barely make a dent in what they've raked in. I wouldn't be surprised if the apology/refund move was planned well in advance of launch. This whole thing stinks.

RauLeCreuset224d ago

They did not get a free pass from everyone, but they got a free pass from way more than they should have, including some reviewers who have some soul searching to do and should be questioning whether the fundamental purpose of reviews is to help their audiences make an informed decision or to serve as an extension of the marketing campaign for the products reviewed.

Let's also give a special shoutout to those who have excoriated and campaigned against other games for less, some as recently as this year, whose reactions are comparatively muted when it comes to CDPR deceiving consumers, with a witting or unwitting assist from reviews, about a game littered with bugs and crippling performance issues. Step 1, objective s*** that should top people's list of priorities ahead of subjective elements like story quality.

Elda224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

No one should be respected for being sneaky & underhanded. CDPR should have been transparent/honest about the console versions from the very beginning which would have been the right & respectful thing to do especially to their fans & customers. One gets respect when respect is given.

neomahi224d ago

SULLYS CIGAR The PlayStation and Xbox hardware are so much alike, they're both using AMD hardware. Like a PC has settings, it can't be that hard to adjust the settings, like on a PC, to each console. That's the whole reason Sony left behind Kutaragis brilliant innovation, far too ahead of the curve, for boring hardware parity, so ports that struggled were a thing of the past. The hardware with Series X and PS5 are so much alike, Sony and Microsoft may as well merge to build one console and let Nintendo be their competition, where Nintendo hardware is always vastly different, also using competitive hardware (nVidia).

gravedigger224d ago

"We should have paid more attention to making it play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One" is one of the most dishonest PR statements in quite a while."


They knew what they were doing! All the time! They delayed game few times to polish X1 and PS4 version. CDPR DELIBERATELY didn't want to show console version and they grabbed the money and ran. Hid the last version on purpose

gravedigger224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Oh. Check this out.

For the first time, Opencritic puts a PSA warning players not to play the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 on the review page. OpenCritic called out CDPR publicly. And overall score is tanking. Now it is 87.

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xTonyMontana224d ago

Honestly I loved CDPR and was defending them until I tried the game on my ps4 pro.. taking to twitter now apologising is absolute BS, they knew what they was releasing

Master of Unlocking224d ago

What's wrong with the PS4 Pro version? I saw it run on youtube, and in spite of the compression I thought it looked very good.

johndoe11211224d ago

Whats the issue with the ps4 pro version? I ordered my copy but haven't received it as yet. Can you let me know what to expect?

RememberThe357224d ago

Digital Foundry has a youtube channel. Check it out.

224d ago
D3TH_D33LR224d ago

I bet they gambled on their rep because we won’t see another major title from CDPR for another 6-10 years where they’re betting most will have forgiven them or forgot

Ashunderfire86224d ago

Why you got 17 disagrees when you are stating the facts? Yes its true that people to a degree give them a free pass, because they are not EA or Activision, they are CD Project Red! The Witcher 3 had a rocky launch as well and people respected them back then with all the fixes.

Aussiesummer224d ago

You'll be waiting a long time and it still won't be up to scratch with pc.

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SyntheticForm224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

They're not sorry or they wouldn't have done it. They're sorry they have to face the music.

This is the most volatile, wonky, unstable mess of a game I've ever played. Every system in the game is susceptible to failure at any time, and the likelihood of failure is always high.

Totally undercooked, and completely oversold.

locomorales224d ago

They know what they did. This "sorry" was planed even before they decide release date. It's a shame that CDPR's audience is so passive they launch a early access game full priced knowing that a sorry will "solve" everything.

It's a shame.

RememberThe357224d ago

You seem sure this will solve anything for them. I have friends who aren't gamers who know how pissed off people are about Cyberpunk. This isnt happening in the dark places on the internet. This is everywhere. Shoot my MMA twitter was blowing up about how bad it is. The word of mouth around this game is absolutely awful. The game is already on sale on Amazon and I have a feeling the post launch sales are going to be depressing for CDPR. They're basically going to have to relaunch the game on consoles. This has absolutely tanked their reputation from the looks of it. Everyone I remember being hyped up for this game are now condemning it, and rightly so. They've royally fkd up, and they deserve the heat.

Muzikguy223d ago

This is entirely true. They knew what they had and released anyway so saying sorry now is just trying to save face. Or plain deceive people

ssj27224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

This guys have no shame lol

Sorry we lie and trick and fooled you. We will try to make the game look and play better but it wont look as good as it does on current gen. Who said it look good on current gen or high end pc lol
Idk who are worse halo and Microsoft not seen how bad Craig looks or this losers i mean the game doesn't look tht bad but they are making seem like it looks like a next gen game(current gen now) hahaha this people are delusional.

They fooled and hide the proof they knew what they were doing wtf and who are they trying to fool with this bs apology.

I may try the game in a year or two once extra dlc is included and bug free and at a cheap price.. if is still somehow relevant which i doubt by that time we will have true current gen game making this more irrelevant than what it's. Shame on them.

Petebloodyonion224d ago

And where did they tried to promote this game as a next-gen experience?
The game was always promoted as a current-gen game for PS4 and Xbox1.
The why you will get the next-generation game for free when you buy the current version of the game.

ssj27224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Is in their words not me they are claiming the game on last gen ps4 will be updated and look as good ( not perfect ) as it does on current gen ("next gen") meaning hige ed pc or ps5.

The game look and perform very bad on last gen and perform and looks like a last gen game on current gen whichhas billion bugs is not a full game but more like a earlyaccess sold as a full game. Noting is next gen about this other than some textures. And rt but that can be added even to any game it doesn't make it different just look pretty. Which is ok

Petebloodyonion224d ago

"in their words not me they are claiming the game on last gen ps4 will be updated and look as good ( not perfect ) as it does on current gen ("next gen") meaning hige ed pc or ps5."

Then I would suggest actually reading their statement correctly
They are talking about the BASE last-gen version of the game (meaning basic Xbox 1 and Vanilla Ps4) version of the game and they said that the patch would not make the game looks like it running on a high-end PC or current-gen version of the game (Ps5, series X ) but it would a closer to that experience that it is now.

Artemidorus224d ago

It's fine you just need to understand base models are the worst.

They should provide a 720p option though and try for 30FPS.

Bladesfist224d ago

They should have just done what they did with the Witcher 2, released it for high end PCs (although this time they could include next gen consoles too) first and then spent a year or so optimising it before releasing it on old consoles and releasing patches for the PC to make it playable on mid range machines.

DLSS is the one thing making this a 60 fps experience on my PC with RT reflections on. The game looks beautiful, especially with such good looking reflections.

RazzerRedux224d ago

I agree. Consoles should have just waited. It is still not perfect on PC, but runs extremely well for me.

What GPU are you using?

Bladesfist224d ago

I'm using a 2080Ti, which seems to be the bare minimum needed to get 1440p / 60fps with raytracing.

Bladesfist224d ago

Damn those city pictures look like promo material

SierraGuy223d ago

Never understood how photo mode in games gets people excited.

anast224d ago

They advertised a current gen game, so they should have made a game that works on current gen base hardware. If they would have advertised it for high end PCs, then they should have made it for high end PCs and so on.

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