Electronic Arts Reaches Agreement for Recommended Acquisition of Codemasters Group Holdings PLC

Electronic Arts announced that they have reached an agreement with the Board of Codemaster to acquire Codemasters, the UK-based game developer and publisher.

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RaidenBlack84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Man ... the 2K acquisition didn't work out huh ...
So, as per the usual EA handling of processes .... I bid farewell to the established reputation of F1, DiRT and Grid in the long run.
Maybe we'll see an improvement in the NFS department?

KyRo84d ago

2K would have been just as bad as EA buying them out. 2K get a free pass whilst being just as vindictive as EA and are in some ways worse.

badboyz0984d ago

How are 2K worse? FIFA and Madden are the same Lootbox games every year. atleast NBA 2K improves.

Seraphim84d ago

sounds like 2k got outbid. but no doubt. it's only a matter of time before these franchises see a downward spiral. I don't know that I can name one developer EA bought who have actually benefitted from the kind of resources EA can throw at them to create quality games as good or better than they were making before EA's acquisition of them.

TGGJustin84d ago

I mean Take Two might've been worse than EA. They probably would've taken people to throw on GTA Online or something. Plus all the problems with NBA 2K. I honestly think EA is the better fit for them. Hell maybe we'll even get a good Need for Speed or Burnout from Codemasters

RaidenBlack84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

There's GaaS and Sports games problem on EA's side too...
They can't even manage BioWare properly.

Teflon0284d ago

Tbf BioWare has always been a mess. Don't think ME meant they weren't a mess. I think EA is pretty bad but gets more flak than they deserve tbh, 2k is definitely worse than them and Activision is at times as bad but better at marketing

RaidenBlack83d ago

"BioWare has always been a mess"
Dude ... they existed wayy before ME and EA.
Baldu'r Gate, mate ... Baldur's Gate.

84d ago
darthv7284d ago

The former evolution guys could benefit NFS... but thats about it. I was hoping MS would make an offer. They would be a better fit working with playground and turn 10.

fr0sty83d ago

That sucks that Evolution Studios went from promising Sony exclusive developer to Codemasters gurus to working for EA, now all their talent and hard work will be buried under microtransactions.

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phoenixwing84d ago

Sorry didn't see the report on it

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