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Cyberpunk 2077 review of this absolutely incredible open world experience that is literally the cyberpunk game of dreams bringing such varied and rich locations on Google Stadia.

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Jin_Sakai83d ago

Here that folks, a perfect experience! Stadia eliminated all the glitches in the game. Stadia is the future.

SullysCigar83d ago

Such a shill piece, it's disgusting. It's not a perfect experience on a super rig - how is suddenly better on Stadia? Are we supposed to believe that CDPR have concentrated on the Stadia version and haven't bothered with the PC/console versions yet? LMAO it's just plain lies.

Funny how this is the third article I've seen on N4G now trying to push Stadia on the back of the issues this game has seen - exactly how desperate is Google? Because I don't trust this sudden influx one bit!

Jin_Sakai83d ago

What do you expect. Got to give a perfect score for a free copy.

Author: Jason Stettner
“I’ll see what I can do about presenting the Xbox Series X at some point, but Google was super nice to supply a code to check it out so I was happy about that”

RpgSama83d ago


"but Google was super nice to supply a code to check it out so I was happy about that”

Was he 10 out of 10 happy?, Looks like he was! Lol XD

Tiqila83d ago

The game is a 10/10 on my PC, I see no reason why it should not be a 10 on stadia.

Sunny1234583d ago

One place where pc and console players stand together in harmony. When we are standing against stadia.

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chrisoadamson83d ago

"blurry on my 65” TV screen which was expected. It still looked really good, but obviously playing 1080p at a size that large it won’t be as impressive"

Sayai jin83d ago

That's a negative big dog. It is far from a perfect experience. So,

Tiqilla, I've played it on one of my rigs, PS5, Series X and S, and stadia. None are perfect. It is best on my rig, pretty good on next gen consoles, pretty terrible on XB1/PS4 (I didn't play it...I watched my son do so). Decent on Stadia.

I will say it is pretty amazing the CPDR made a game that large that is teeming with life. They are doing a solid by offering last gen consoles a refund. The game will get better with time.

Lukejrl83d ago

You bought the game 4 times? What do you do for work?

Sayai jin82d ago

I have children, some of who are adults and gamers. I still buy the consoles and games fornthe most part. Hence, the mutliple PS5s, Xbox Series Xs and Ss I brought for them and a few close friends.

So yees, I brought multiple copies of the Cyberpunk. Thisntime ofnthenyear I do digital gifts forr guddies who game usually get a game and/or Game Pass or PS Plus sub.

I am retired. I retired st age 42 a few years ago. I live very comfortably to say the least.

ZeroBlue283d ago

Wonder how much they were paid for this.

ClayRules201283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It really is the cyberpunk game of my dreams.“

Well, those dreams must’ve been a disaster and an exact depiction of this unfinished/broken mess that’s CyberPunk2077. I guess it’s a 10/10. And in that, I blame him partially for not warning us of this doomsday that was to come Dec 10th.

This review is laughable.

_LarZen_83d ago

I bought it on Stadia. Tried it and refunded it.

It’s a blurry mess both in performance and resolution mode. Like Vaseline was on the screen.

That said I played on a PC monitor at 1080p. It could look better with a Chromecast Ultra with a Pro subscription..

Feralkitsune83d ago

Yea, cause aren't you stuck at like 720p or some bullshit on the free version?

_LarZen_83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I thought it was 1080p60fps that’s max with the free option? But I’m not sure.

cluclap83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Thats a lie bro I have bought it as well its far from blurry. And its 1080p 60 for free and 4k 30 with stadia pro. Stop spreading misinformation just because you don't like it or have a shitty connection.

_LarZen_82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Stop crying like a baby because someone has a different experience then you. That's the experience I had with CP2077 on Stadia. I have a fast fiber connection so it's not ISP issues that's the result of this experience.

People have different expectations and experience I think. Because I am absolutely seeing people happy with the Stadia version of this game. And some that's not....I think if you have played allot on low latency 4K TV's or monitors with the clearity we have today that the transition is just to high.

I found it to be unplayable for me.

WillyC00983d ago

The transparency of this piece to try and paint Stadia as something worthwhile to invest in is laughable. Keep shilling though.

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