Cyberpunk 2077 PC Best Settings: Improve Performance By Up To 35% - With Minimal Impact To Visuals

Digital Foundry: "Here's Alex Battaglia with a detailed breakdown of every Cyberpunk 2077 graphics setting, along with recommendations for improved performance while retaining the game's 'next-gen' feel."

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RazzerRedux84d ago

Good stuff. Followed settings for non-RT, 4K DLSS Performance and I'm getting 70-80fps.

phoenixwing84d ago

Yeah I turned off ray tracing on my 2070 super it wasn't worth it

RazzerRedux84d ago

Nope. RT is going to have to wait until I upgrade to 3080.....or at this rate.....4080.

Eyesoftheraven84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

2070s here. (Sold my 2080Ti fe before 3080 launch lol.) At 1920 x 1080 with DLSS Balanced, everything Ultra with RTX all on and RTX lighting at Psycho, LG C9 VRR display, it is totally acceptable. Biggest issue is a seemingly random yet massive tank in performance that a restart seems to address.

The RTX settings are ultimately subtle but in a hard to describe dramatic way. After getting used to it, the stability/consistency of the image plus "fullness" of the light I find to be outstanding.

Edit: Obviously have not been able to get a 3080. Gave up trying until they're easily available.

RazzerRedux84d ago


"Obviously have not been able to get a 3080. Gave up trying until they're easily available."

You are not alone, brother.

anubusgold83d ago

Im getting like 50 fps at 1440P with a 1080 on high with HDR on but i heard amd cpus SMT isnt working on the game without a hack.

phoenixwing83d ago

i'm using a 1440p screen and have everything at high instead

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Vegamyster84d ago

Just turning DLSS on Performance gave me a 15-30 fps boost with a minimal impact on image quality, I'm glad new systems like this are becoming standard on all platforms.

anubusgold83d ago

HDR looks great if your tv or monitor supports it glad i got HDR on my monitor that is a difference you can clearly see on a IPS monitor. .

Giblet_Head84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Guess it's just dumb luck I have a preference for 1440p at my desk right now. My 2080ti and i9-9900k manages above 60fps, everything but cascade shadows set to Ultra with DLSS set to balanced and Ray Tracing on Ultra. Hopefully CD adds SLI support as they did with Witcher 3 so I can take advantage of my other 2080ti in NVLink on my 4K TV. With as demanding as the game is for many it seems probable.

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TheRealTedCruz84d ago

Have it locked at 42fps, which is my norm. No raytracing, but have everything at high-ultra with absolutely no dips.

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XxINFERNUSxX84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

PC is and will be the best looking version. But I think this game needed more optimization, maybe a few more months then launch the game. I feel it was rushed. So we have a game that's not complete going by all the patches, it's getting a bit tiresome and should not be the norm. I used to loved ID softwares released dates, the famous when it's done 😁I wish more game companies would adopt that line 😉

RazzerRedux84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

It isn't perfect on any platform. That is certain.

RacerX83d ago

Agreed. I'm playing on PC GE Force Now, still a very buggy game ut the visuals look fantastic.

jeromeface83d ago

8 years in development "was rushed"

Limitedtimestruggle83d ago

I would love to try these settings! But my game is FUBAR! Completely facked and that damn Oops, game just flatlined fuckery error message is damn near burnt in on my OLED 🥵

I was so stoked at how well this actually ran on PC in the first place, but looks like the lates "hotfix" patch for the game made the game entirely unplayable for me lol. I'm lucky if I can even load the game, and if I'm able to actually get would most likely flatline within minutes of gameplay.

SirBruce83d ago

Set everything to default into the game. Exit it. Be sure that you have latest drivers and they are correctly installed (correct installation). Restart the PC. Go to your graphics card configuration, set optimized settings. Load the game from there.

Limitedtimestruggle82d ago

I know for a fact that the drivers are up to date and installed correctly ! Fresh Windows 10 install as well :) But whenever I have time, I will try the rest f your suggestions! Thanks!

airshiraz83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

this game is truly next gen but its draw distance is really crap.this draw distance problem must be solved at last this gen like spider man did .it just ruins games visuals like assassins creed unity or this cyberpunk. whats the point of making beautiful cities with terrible draw distance? watch dogs 3 and spider man on next gen are really great examples .

anubusgold83d ago

With HDR the game looks really great even without ray tracing on my 1080 the game runs smooth on my 1080 on HIgh settings. Unfortually i heard that game loses half its frame rates because the game doesnt support amd cpus smt. Im going back tonight and check and watch if thats true but i heard reports everywhere about that you have to hack support into it and im not doing that on my day off for one game.

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