ENBSeries Mod may add Ray Tracing to Deus Ex Human Revolution, first comparison screenshots

Yesterday, ENBSeries creator, Boris Vorontsov, shared some screenshots, showing some lovely experimental Ray Tracing effects in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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Great game, might play through it again but I'll pass on this mod, the ray tracing looks grainy and not good at all. Best to use Reshade. This game over Cyberpunk anyday :D

DarthSocio74d ago

Damn for a second I thought a sequel to human revolution was coming.

VivaLaManual74d ago

Wasn't MD the sequel? But yeah, I'd love another DE game.

porkChop74d ago

The one area this game lacked for me was the visuals. Even for the time, the maxed PC visuals were disappointing.

ShawAsley173d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Much obliged for making it. Searching forward for arrangement.

71d ago