“Pokemon Is Just So Easy, That It Stopped Being Fun” | Monster Sanctuary Developer Interview

Denis Sinner, Creator of Monster Sanctuary, joins us to discuss his recently released monster taming meets metroidvania title.

What was most interesting about our conversation though was how mainstream monster taming games like Pokemon have sacrificed strategy, challenge and innovation, for simplicity and to make their games as accessible as possible to a young audience.

If a game is too easy, can it truly be fun?

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-Foxtrot315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Where's the lie though

Even GameFreak have gotten a point where they don't seem able to make big Pokemon games without them sacrificing a shit load of features that came below. They just think adding a new silly gimmick will bring people in.

Inverno315d ago

Gigantimax was pretty horrible too. It only happened on the last pokemon of every gym battle, and most gym leaders didn't even have a gigantimax in their party. The anime does it better with Gigantimax being something that could happen at random due to Eternatus's energy flowing all through Galar. Hell even Pikachu went Giga which wasn't something your starter could even do.
And it doesn't even matter cause unlike mega evos this only happens in the Galar region. Not much effort was put in but I guess that doesn't matter since all these forms will go unused in the next game. Which is a shame cause they would make great mega forms

curtain_swoosh315d ago

true, but Gamefreak is just not used to making big titles in HD and are pretty inexperienced making games for consoles. they've stayed too long in the handheld market and now its all crashing down.

the real issue is that pkmn games still sell like crazy, the backlash they've gotten didnt matter as a result of that.

septemberindecember315d ago

What I've started doing for challenge in pokemon games is constantly swapping my pokemon out. In early games you had to choose and build up your team, but Pokemon games now make that too easy and OP. Swapping out your pokemon gives you a challenge and helps you fill in your pokedex.

Still, wish there was a hard mode.

Interloper315d ago

I do exactly this! I constantly experiment with new pokemon I catch and more often or not I win by the edge of my seat, but the fact I don't min/max my pokemon probably adds to the difficulty. I think I'll do some type-run exclusives such as a Ghost-type run or maybe even Bug. xD

njitram2000314d ago

I tried making it challenging by not fighting a single wild Pokemon and I was still able to get halfway through the game without using a single potion with trainer xp alone. And something like Nuzlocke is just no fun to me because I want to assemble a team that I want. Not a random group. I remember having to grind for a gym in gen 1/2/3 and even then I barely made it through. That was the pokemon I remembered when I bought Shield. It was not what I got :(

Inverno315d ago

S&S isn't balanced out well enough. I've played plenty of JRPGs and most feature a shared EXP system so that unused characters don't become complete useless later on, but this just doesn't work well in Pokemon. I stopped playing after Fire Red and with those games I always found myself sticking with my starter for everything. In Shield I had the same problem cept I rarely bothered switching my team and went on to beat the game basically just using Inteleon.
Then there's three different EXP candies on top of rare candies on top of jobs ontop the excessive amount of exp you can already get from wild battles. There's no to battle at all. There's no need to even breed cause you can get perfect stat pokemon in raids and just use a mint. I guess this helps get to the online competitive modes much quicker but I just can't get into Pokemons boring turn based battles, and it's impossible to play in co-op battles with friends with the awful link code matchmaking and lack of messaging on Switch

Antnee534315d ago

I don't mind these other monster collector games becoming what pokemon can't. It actually gives other monster collector games a way to stand out apart from Pokémon. Pokémon for me personally is a perfect experience that us older fans needs to realize will never be what we want because the game is for kids and they make this clear ever iteration. So instead of complaining about something we literally can't change lets put that desire for something more into these indy games like temtem and others.

fitofficial315d ago

I'd settle for being able to skip the cutscenes. They're miserable.

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