Mass Effect director talks up original trilogy devs returning for the new game

Mike Gamble wants to reassure fans of Mass Effect that the team knows what it's doing. Fans familiar with Bioware's more recent efforts aren't so sure, however.

rlow11315d ago

Really glad to hear this game is in the hands of some of the original creators. If they can recapture the magic and modernize it some. We are in for a real treat.

LordoftheCritics1315d ago

I hope they can reinvent themselves.

Andromeda had a mass effect on the franchise.

IanTH1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I totally understand where people are coming from with this, but I actually just played ME:A and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't as good as ME:2 or anything, but I enjoyed the game for what it was. I think the fact I got it so cheap & played it in a state where it wasn't a broken, buggy mess helped.

The fact they are returning to the original trilogy with some of the original staff is great - I did enjoy that universe more - but I think that if they are given proper amounts of time, are competently led, and aren't forced to get a game for a specific fiscal quarter at the expense of all else, the game has a great chance of being solid regardless. But if they can make this like next-gen ME:2, that'd be awesome.

no_more_heroes1315d ago

If they can make it feel like ME2 then I'd be in heaven!

ClayRules20121314d ago

Oh me too! ME2, how incredible it was. The friendships I made, the relationship I had, the death I brought to some...how unforgettable of a commander I was.

Yes, I was a proud leader!😊😂€ 584;

Sokol1315d ago

Hopefully those who worked on original Mass Effect are present. I loved ME2 but the first game was my favorite.

RgR1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Bioware stopped being The Bioware after dragon age origins.

Devs returning won't change a thing if the higher ups are the same that gave us their recent experiences.


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