Why another Cyberpunk 2077 delay may have been necessary

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, but it should have been delayed again, according to the fiasco surrounding its launch problems on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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RazzerRedux193d ago

The console versions should have waited until next year.

Sokol193d ago

Agreed. Unacceptable mess..

LucasRuinedChildhood193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@RazzerRedux It doesn't have the same issues with framerate and resolution on PC but it's incredibly buggy on every platform. The reviews were of the PC version after all and the main issue highlighted was the bugs.

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RazzerRedux192d ago


Yeah....and metacritic score is still 90. Sorry, but if PC were in a state like console, do you really think that would be the case?

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phoenixwing193d ago

I finally downloaded it for my pc and love the game so far. Only played for a couple hours though.

neutralgamer1992193d ago


I guess reddit being filled with pc gamers having issues with optimization/bugs,glitches means it's great on pc. If this game was actually great on pc than I can understand the whole last generation consoles couldn't handle the game but even high end PC's can't handle this so what's their excuse for bad optimization and all those other bugs and glitches

Simple fact of the matter is this game wasn't ready to launch now and CDPR launched anyway under some sort of pressure even though they could have delayed the game 6 months and still made same if not more money

RazzerRedux192d ago

I'm speaking from my own person experience. And my PC "handles" the game just fine at the right settings (4K resolution, mix of medium and high quality, DLSS set to performance) except for the occasional frame drop primarily when driving in the city.

Frankly, this game, for me, performs better than AC: V where they didn't even bother to include DLSS for PC. I'm glad they didn't delay it, frankly. I've been wanting to play this game for a while. Yes, they should have delayed the last gen console version. But the PC version was patched early and was already receiving reports that most of the issues were fixed. Does that fix every issue for everyone? Nope. So add my voice to the list of people who are satisfied and take it for what it is worth.

masterfox193d ago

Problems on PC and old gen,
Thank god we have now powerful next gen consoles that can handle this game :D

myfathersbastard193d ago

I’m playing on PS5. While the frame rate issues on last gen consoles aren’t nearly as bad. The game is still borderline unplayable. A bunch of crashes, game breaking bugs, and little glitches all over. I actually had to just give up today to wait for everything to be fixed.

Extermin8or3_192d ago

I've had more crashes than id like but the frame rate is generally a solid 60fps the issue seems to actually be with the frame pacing.

cartoonx1192d ago

PC is by far the best platform for this game atm lol.

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Psychotica193d ago

I am enjoying it so far on my PC and have only come across two bugs. The launcher didn't work at first me, the game immediately crashed. Got around that by just clicking on the .exe. Then I had a bug in the game where it continually tells me to talk to Victor. The game is pretty demanding on your hardware though, my 3 year old 1080Ti can only manage 51 fps on average at 1440p with high settings. Just for the fun of it I switched monitors to my 48" 4K OLED to see what it would do at 4K, it was literally like watching a slide show, my 1080Ti nearly had a

RgR193d ago

What about lowering some settings so you get higher fps?

51 fps is amazing for console owners who are used to 30fps.
I bet you could easily reach 60fps by lowering some minor impact settings.

Total biscuit used to make great videos showing which settings demand the most for little return.

LucasRuinedChildhood193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

RIP. I'm mainly a console guy but I still enjoyed his videos, particularly the podcasts.

Psychotica192d ago

That's with turning motion blur, film grain and chromatic aberration off.

I agree, the videos of Total Biscuit were very good..

esherwood193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Yeah I’m glad they released it, I’m enjoying it and was tired of waiting. Wonder how many of these cry babies where also complaint about them having there employees work paid overtime

Mrxboxman193d ago

Ughhh. I am thoroughly enjoying the game on series x. Speak for yourself.

RgR193d ago

You're not allowed to enjoy this game right now. Lol

esherwood193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Oh shut up, I’m playing it and not having any of those problems. I’m sure it was to the point they had to release it. These guys went way above and beyond to deliver a great game when all the other developers are raping us with mt’s and other crap

Sgt_Slaughter192d ago

I mean they had eight years to develop this game and it ended up releasing in a state of brokenness, which did actually happen despite you "not having any of those problems". This game 100% needed another delay, they should have waited til holiday 2021.

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