Fortnite Brings Halo And Masterchief To PS5 And PS4 With New Crossover Skin And Map

Fortnite has brung Halo and Masterchief to PS5 and PS4 for the first time with a brand new crossover, featuring a skin and map.

Majin-vegeta1085d ago

He gonna be shooting plungers?😂

Jin_Sakai1085d ago

It’s all fun and games until someone gets shot with a plunger.

Sciurus_vulgaris1085d ago

Samus Aran* ....I don’t even play or like Fortnite. Also, Mario’s mutant body shape wouldn’t work with Fortnite’s hit boxes.

oof67811084d ago

It would be an outfit, you goober.

Teflon021084d ago

Oof, If Kratos and Master Chief are near identical recreations, why would mario be altered when Nintendo is the most uptight about their characters appearances?

Angrymorgan1084d ago

Itll be metroid for a guess, it'll just fit...imagine controlling master chief with a dualsense...🤯

IanTH1085d ago

Kratos and Master Chief in the same game. Who woulda thought it'd be Fortnite bridging that gap lol.

Zeref1084d ago

It was fortnite who kinda forced Sony's hand with crossplay too.

When they "accidentally" enabled crossplay.
It got people talking.

RazzerRedux1084d ago

True statement. Previously, Cross play was just another console war topic. Fortnite made it a mainstream issue.

Tacoboto1084d ago

Epic can be irritating in how they do business, but sometimes it is effective for something.

NeoGamer2321084d ago

I don't think Epic is irritating on how it does business.

They try and do things through the proper channels, but if who they are partnering with isn't willing to play ball, then they really have no choice but to push the issue.

Both cross play and being able to buy stuff without the 30% tax on iOS are a big deal. For cross play, this allows people to buy the device they most want to buy and still play MP games with their friends. I hated MS for not supporting crossplay on 360/PS3, and then Sony doing an about face and not supporting it between PS4/XBO. There were no excuses really either generation. As for the digital stores. Wal-mart, Target, etc do not make 30% on everything they sell. Their margins are razor thin. Stores are an important part of both the physical retail and online retail world, but they should not be the only choice on a given platform and they should not be taxing app/game buyers 30%.

Tacoboto1084d ago

@Neo - I meant that relatively, not personally. All of their "irritating" moves had a benefit to consumers or developers in some way.

EGS - extremely low royalties, but also came with the exclusive game launches. I remember the complaining about that...
Cross-Play - they violated agreements with at least one platform holder for something that benefitted all players (but even N4G hated them out of Sony fanboyism at the time)

IOS - They got banned and tried to get children involved in a marketing/business fight when they very publicly shat all over the business practices they supported and benefitted from for years on Apple's store, putting all iOS developers' projects using Unreal in potential jeopardy. It was a stupid and hypocritical decision in all aspects of business. But even that had a benefit - related or not, Apple cut their take to 15% on sub-million dollar earners

darthv721084d ago

I thought it was Rocket League, not Fortnight, that was 'accidentally' cross play enabled...?

Zeref1084d ago


I think rocket league devs were the first ones to come out and openly blame Sony for lack of crossplay.

I might be wrong on that

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SyntheticForm1084d ago

Kratos: Who are you?
Master Chief: I'm here to finish this fight
Kratos: You don't want this fight

1084d ago
chiefJohn1171084d ago

How is blood glutch gonna play on fortnite?

Storm231084d ago

It’s in the creative side of the game, not the full br mode. So people can play custom games on the map I think (not positive, haven’t played Fortnite in a couple years)

chiefJohn1171084d ago

Oh okay that makes more sense

DaveZero1084d ago

Used to love save the world, not bothered about battle royals but that save the world is worth putting the time in as it got tons of content and events.


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Gamingsince19817d ago

It doesn't even look like him either l, it could be any generic person

Flewid6386d ago

I was gonna say there are more kids than adults, but then I realized the current generation of kids didn't even grow up on him. lol,

Fonsecap6d ago

Is the thumbnail of the article correct? It doesn't look like Eminem at all, they could say it was the Keanu skin or whatever and it would be the same, they don't even try anymore...


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