Disco Elysium Confirms PS5 And PS4 Release Date Confirmed In Trailer From The Game Awards

The beloved Disco Elysium has confirmed a PS5 and PS4 release date in a new trailer, which just aired at The Game Awards 2020 much to fans' excitement.

GamerBeast19821084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Will defo try this on ps5. Have a pc that cost me a small fortune . But sorry just pc gaming ain’t for me , I’d rather sit on sofa and have a beer with a easy load up like consoles . But anywhere I’ll defo try this now . And all you saying you know you can connect it to tv. My pc is the size of a medium fridge . So no, no I can’t .

Giblet_Head1084d ago

Hence why Steam Link is a thing.

Vegamyster1084d ago

Or just a long HDMI cord, they're cheap now.

GamerBeast19821083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Had it but its too much fuss. I just prefer the simplicity and instant access of consoles. Plus i like competing with all my friends and Family with trophys who all have Playstations none have pc's.

ScootaKuH1084d ago

Same. I had fun with my Alienware for 3 years but I've retired it now in favour of PS5. It's been in my Steam wishlist for ages but now it's confirmed coming to PS5 I'll get it for that 👍

Shiore2u1084d ago

Alienware? That makes sense you'd prefer getting fleeced.

ArchangelMike1084d ago

Absolutely brilliant game. I've got it on PC and honestly wouldn't mind getting it on PS5, especially since there's added content etc.

MadLad1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

They're virtually the same experience in terms of pick up and play.

I have my PC hooked up to the OLED in my living room.
I download the game. It instantly recognizes either my wireless mouse/keyboard or Xbox controller. Depending what I want to use.

I start playing. Maybe I have to play with visual settings for a couple minutes, but that's no different than sorting through "boost mode" on my Plus, but gives me more agency to tailor things to my liking.

I don't know how so many people here supposedly have these awesome PCs that they used for years, yet somehow think PC gaming is so much more complicated an experience than console nowadays.

Si-Fly1083d ago

I’ve got a desktop gaming PC and another PC for my sim rig along with a PS5 and Series X. I don’t know how anybody could argue that playing games on a PC isn’t a faff compared to console! If all things were equal I’d choose console over PC every time however the sim racing hardware and software I use isn’t available for consoles. PC’s are a ball ache, sadly they’re a necessary evil for fans of certain genres and graphics whores though 😂

MadLad1083d ago


If you insist.
Have been playing mainly PC for ten years, and aren't having all these drastic user issues everyone seems to have.

Especially as of the last couple years. Care to explain them?

thornintheside1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

I haven't built a pc in 8-9 years so I'm out of touch, but... What is inside a pc to take up the size of a medium fridge?.

GamerBeast19821083d ago

Its the case i have its called a Thermaltake The Tower 900 when i got it buit last year i wanted the bigest baddest looking machine i could get.

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Gamist2dot01084d ago

Definitely putting my radar.

jznrpg1084d ago

I buy almost every RPG but I’m looking forward to this one .

shabz6661084d ago

Finished this on steam. The game takes a while to get into and get used to but once you figure out the systems and how to make choices based on your inner thoughts it’s great. Definitely keep an eye out on this one. It’s hyper focused and small scope but the breadth of possibilities and choices are truly impressive. Great get for Sony. I wonder what deals were made to secure this on PlayStation.


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Knushwood Butt154d ago

Why are so many of these author bios written in the third person? Did the author write that bio about herself?

anast152d ago

I'm not a fan of the 2nd person usage in this article either.

1nsomniac64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

He’s talking about her personal bio.

The opening sentence is literally the only reference of her in the 3rd person in the entire article. I also read it wrong before reading the entire article trying to find it.


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