New Dragon Age Trailer Roars Out and It Looks Gorgeous

During The Game Awards, BioWare has unveiled our first look at the new Dragon Age trailer!

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jbull235d ago

Not really sold on it with that trailer, they could have at least shown gameplay.

Thunder_G0d_Bane235d ago

Yep gameplay or gtfo.

People who hype up CGI trailers are just so stupid.

DaveZero235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Why, if a CGI trailer looks good, it looks good so it's stupid that your calling people stupid for liking something all because you do not agree with why they like a Trailer.

RememberThe357234d ago

Because shit games get great trailers all the time and it means nothing. How many times has a great trailer completely disappointed gamers when they finally see the real thing? How many movie trailers don't use any shots from the actual movie? Just show us what we'd actually be getting or don't show us anything.

abstractel234d ago

"New Dragon Age Trailer Roars Out and It Looks Gorgeous"

That implies that Dragon Age looks gorgeous. We have no idea how Dragon Age will look.

DJStotty235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Reveal Trailers are always CGI, they are created very early in the development process.

Seraphim235d ago

except the game was already revealed, I believe, at E3 '19. there's absolutely no point of showing anything at this point unless you have some game play.

DJStotty235d ago (Edited 235d ago )


There is a difference between saying "We are working on Dragon Age" and showing a trailer of a title screen, and actually showing a reveal trailer. There was no trailer shown at E3 2019 for dragon age.

List of E3 2019 games :-

DaveZero235d ago

Some people do not get that and have not grown up in the head properly that they continue to mock people who give a thumbs up to those who enjoy CGI trailers.

DJStotty235d ago

Exactly DaveZero,

I personally think a good CGI trailer, generates more hype for the game itself. Like the last of us 2 trailer, horizon forbidden west trailer, both CGI, both looked great and would have generated new interested in the games themselves.

RememberThe357234d ago

The issue is that these trailers are often misleading and/or don't show us shit we'll actually experience. CGI is cool, sure, but this isn't a short film, this is promo for a product they want us to buy.

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DragonWarrior19235d ago

It was barely a meow. No gameplay, not even in engine. How can it possibly look good? Bioware being Bioware AGAIN and they are getting another free pass when they don't deserve it.

jbull235d ago

I fear this will be some kind of gaas, mmo, co-op style game. The recent departures from Bioware don't fill me with confidence plus the impression I get from the trailer is that it doesn't look like a direct sequel to inquisition.

DaveZero235d ago

Does it matter if it is so long as it's good and alot of people get enjoyment from the game.

I for one have always enjoyed dragon age games, even when they stopped supporting the co op one released last I carried on playing it because all it needed was content and it was a shame people didnt play it as much in the end.

jbull234d ago

@DaveZero, yes it does matter as Biowares strength has always been single player story driven rpg, this multiplayer nonsense from EA has been an utter disaster.

RememberThe357234d ago

Dave loves him some Anthem. Proved Bioware really know what they're doing.

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