Grand Theft Auto Online is getting three new radio stations, 250 new tracks

Rockstar Games has released more details about the musical additions to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist.

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xTonyMontana226d ago

I really hope they are making GTA 6, as awesome as this is, it's just wetting my appetite for a sequel.

BlackTar187226d ago

GTA 5 will be a launch title on ps6 lmao

Profchaos226d ago

Why are all the new stations centred around clubs and dance music the GTA soundtracks used to be an absolute treasure chest of classic rock, hip hop, grunge, 80s pop whatever was hot in the decade it launched.
Vc,Sa,LCS,VCS,4,eflc and the base v had some.of.the best songs you could hear in games. Now I feel it's all filler no killer
Are these tracks just cheap.or something.

Nacho_Z226d ago

It's going to be GTA5O forever isn't it.