Announcing Perfect Dark, the First Game From The Initiative

Xbox Wire:

Two years ago, we announced the formation of a new Xbox Game studio in Santa Monica, The Initiative, and today at The Game Awards, we announced our first project, Perfect Dark.  With Perfect Dark, we’re aiming to deliver a secret agent thriller set in a near-future world. We have built the Perfect Dark team at The Initiative by bringi ng in some of the most talented game.

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LOGICWINS1310d ago

They did it again. No gameplay. C’mon Microsoft you can do better.

-Foxtrot1310d ago


Perfect f****** Dark man

LOGICWINS1310d ago

I’m excited man, I just don’t understand why CGI is still being used to advertise games. That’s not necessary with the power of these consoles.

Vegamyster1310d ago


The game is probably too early in development and is not ready to be shown.

Godmars2901310d ago

Yet another 1/3rd person shooter.

ABizzel11309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

More power to them. The IP hasn't been relevant in over 20 years, and only truly speaks to the older crowd close to their 30's and up, so younger gamers looked at this without an ounce of care. It's nice to see old franchises being revived, but they should have gone with a new IP IMO.

--Onilink--1309d ago


If the IP has been irrelevant for 20 years to the point of not being recognizable by newer audiences, how is that any different than introducing a new IP to them?

If they dont know Perfect Dark, have never played it and its also a reboot, for newer audiences IT IS a new IP

gleepot1309d ago

but made by a different studio -- it wont be good.

soulrebel1309d ago

@Godmars what did you expect it to be? An origami tutorial?

bouzebbal1309d ago

Nice!! Cool trailer, I need to see some more of this! Crossing fingers this ends up decent

Knushwood Butt1309d ago

I thought it was Killzone Liberation.

1309d ago
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Asuka1310d ago

TBF there was warning to keep expectations in check with regards to xbox related announcements. But still... Perfect Dark I cannot fucking wait!

GamerRN1309d ago

I'm excited, but I really need a 3rd person adventure game soon

medman1309d ago

I've been keeping my "expectations in check" with xbox since 2008, when they stopped delivering games that interested me. Skipped the xbox one generation, got a ps5 and a series x and am enjoying both....ps5 I'm still working through my ps4 backlog and playing some of the new titles, xbox I'm playing games I missed last gen via gamepass.

The reality is Microsoft has launched a new console, and I really like the hardware, but the software isn't there. No new titles until late in 2021? Halo not until fall/winter 2021? Microsoft really has zero for a new console launch from their first parties? That is weak, with a capital w. I'm fine with it because I skipped the xbox last gen so I have plenty to catch up on, but for xbox only gamers who bought an xbox one, or one x, or one s, what are they playing? The same old titles with not much new other than a few third party games on the horizon? That plain sucks.

Sonyslave31310d ago

Lol did sony show gameplay of god of war 2 no.

Vengeance11381310d ago

Why do people keep calling it God of War 2?? Its God of War 5, the last game was not a reboot.

sinspirit1310d ago

Sony doesn't have anything to prove in regards to game quality and consistent release schedules. We know to expect great things. Xbox we don't have a clue because they've spent a decade sitting around and overhyping/under-delivering with really inconsistent and long stretched releases. They've always had great CGI sourced for their games and reveals. When they actually come out is a whole other ballgame in regards to quality.

throne1310d ago

dont worry we'll be seeing amazing gameplay soon

Sayai jin1309d ago

Sinspirit, your ideology only applies to people that are familiar with PS. New gamers may not know the stellar game quality that Sony brings every gen. They need to show game footage the same as every other console manufacturer.

chiefJohn1171309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

The goalpost moves once again. Sony doesn't have to show gameplay for reveals, only MS does

RazzerRedux1309d ago

I'm happy with the reveal as it is. Too early to expect gameplay.

But why do you guys have to bring Sony into it every damn time. They just live rent free in your heads, don't they?

1309d ago
Teflon021309d ago

They also didn't show CG. Which is always misleading

janus2251309d ago

Last time XBOX exclusive win game of the year?

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DeadManMMX1310d ago

Dude God of War 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Fable, Metroid Prime 4 and so many next gen games that are far out are running with cinematic trailers. Its just the announcement so we know its coming.

RaidenBlack1310d ago

They were pretty clear actually: "We're still early in development but we are really excited with where things are going ... we wanted to share a cinematic piece that help set the tone for our world"

UnSelf1310d ago

say wwwoooooorrrrrrrrdddddddddddd! !!!

alb18991310d ago

I'm just happy to see on what The Initiative is working. Looks good the environment.