Rainbow Six Siege Needs to Be More Accessible for Casual Players

KeenGamer: "Rainbow Six Siege, while popular, could open its doors wider for casual players with more game mode options. As a person who prefers Ranked, I do want to see how the game can balance itself out for all kinds of gamers who want to dive into Ubisoft's flagship shooter."

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porkChop187d ago

It's a tactical shooter aimed at more hardcore, competitive players. It doesn't need to be more accessible to a group of players that isn't the target audience. There are plenty of more casual shooters for those people to play.

Father__Merrin187d ago

I'm sure they could add in more casual pick up and play competitive modes

porkChop187d ago

Oh they probably could. I just don't think they need to. The game just isn't intended for that kind of audience.

187d ago
red2tango187d ago

The person who wrote this is the equivalent of the Karen that made kids' sports stop counting the score.

lodossrage187d ago

I wouldn't go that far red2tango. However, I do see how you can make that comparison.

Slappy McGee187d ago

The game has terrorist hunt mode. It's co-op, not competitive, and easy to pick up and play

lodossrage187d ago

You have to be careful of what you ask for when you say things like "need to be more accessible".

In terms of having a high player count and longevity, I can see what you mean.

However, when you make a product more casual-friendly, you run the risk of making the people that took the time to learn and understand the game angry.

If a game was made to be tactical, leave it that way. There are easy shooters out there to play. Not every game is meant to be easily picked up and played. Some are meant for you to take the time and actually understand how to play


Back in the day there was a movie called " Not another teen movie" it was a parody of all the teen movies that where coming out at the time. Movie theaters where flooded with em. I think the title that movie sums up this article perfectly. To many articles asking to dumb down games. Not another article asking for hard-core games to have easy mode...

isarai187d ago

Not every game needs to be made for every type of player. It's just not your type of game, move on and play something else

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