Xbox Series X Has Fixed One Of Its Most Annoying Launch Problems

Xbox Series X has just fixed something that has been plaguing the system since launch in a new Microsoft patch.

medman1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

What's that? You mean it finally has some new first party games?

Chevalier1081d ago

Savage. 😆

But the official answer should be "Wait for it....."

1080d ago
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Latex741080d ago

Playstation wasn't much better to be honest spiderman that should be dlc and a old Remastered game . And godfall . But yes has some games but nothing to brag about but hay thats just my thoughts

Adnanilyas211080d ago

Dont forget Demon Souls. Those are games you cant play on any other console. Xbox dont have that.

SpineSaw1080d ago

'Playstation wasn't much better to be honest spiderman that should be dlc and a old Remastered game'
The facts say that the New Spider-Man, ya know the game you called a 'DLC' was the 3rd best selling game in the month on November which BTW only had a 18 day window. The other game ' a old remastered game' was the 10th best selling game in November with the same 18 day window and it come with a 92 metascore. Both games are system selling must have games for any gamer. So not to offend but you are way off base with the 'Playstation wasn't much better to be honest' comment.

Chocoburger1080d ago

Astro's Playroom is the sleeper hit of the console launches this year. Don't ignore it, that would be folly!

JonTheGod1080d ago

You obviously haven't played the PS5 games you're dissing based on how you're talking. I've not played Demon's Souls yet (hopefully Xmas maybe), but Miles Morales is way beyond just DLC - and Astro's Playroom is a revelation.

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porkChop1081d ago

I thought Quick Resume was already fixed though. I haven't had any issues with it for at least a couple weeks.

UnholyLight1080d ago

I've actually been wondering about this for non optimized games such as Halo 5, where it has issues when you quick resume, fire up the game, or come back to it after having the Series X in instant power on mode. It routinely has issues which is partly the dedicated server fault of Halo 5 (which is the message I have to receive before it magically works again).

Hopefully that is fixed too.

JonTheGod1080d ago

Quick Resume works fine for me.

crazyCoconuts1080d ago

"If PS5 does end up making a PS5 Pro, quick resume is something that I hope they steal from Microsoft, " - As if they couldn't just do that with a firmware update.

Tacoboto1080d ago

They might not be able to. Xbox supposedly does it by caching the game's RAM into the system SSD. The number of games is limited by how filled that system allocation they have reserved for the feature is.

If the PS5's system-allocation of the SSD doesn't have enough free space, it won't work.

traumadisaster1080d ago

I actually want to turn off quick resume on both consoles if they have the option. I won’t rest well thinking some of the resources I need in my current game are being saved for one I might not play at a later date is crazy.

porkChop1080d ago

Huh? Quick Resume doesn't take any power away from the game you have running. The other games aren't running in the background.

IanTH1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

I assume the argument is regarding storage space?

NVMe storage on next-gen consoles is currently at a premium, and multiple save states could add up. They both have 16GBs of RAM so you could have - at theoretical maximum, though likely less - upwards of 16GB per game taking up some of your storage space. Anecdotally it sounds like the cache for this is likely under 100GBs (I think it might be as low as 50GBs), but it is enough where reclaiming that space could be preferable to having Quick Resume at that precise moment.

So I could see having the option to either disable it or limit the number of games/amount of space you want to dedicate to the feature could be useful in the event you need the space for a new game install or, more likely, a beefy game update where you would otherwise have to delete a game to make room.

OptimusDK1080d ago

I don't think you really understand how this works

SirBruce1080d ago

Around 500MB of RAM for cache and 12GB of your NVME, precisely... and some bandwith. Nothing you need to worry about.

Adnanilyas211080d ago

Just need some killer must buy games

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