Microsoft: Xbox Consoles Have Become the Cornerstone And The Foundation of Our Strategy

According to Microsoft's Xbox CFO, Tim Stuart, consoles have become the foundation and cornerstone of Microsoft's strategy going forward.

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ApocalypseShadow780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

How can it be the cornerstone when you don't have to buy the console to play its exclusives? With a company not concerned with gamers buying Xbox or not? Not about sales huh?

How can it when there were no secondary launch games? Putting 500 million in one egg basket that failed from a trillion dollar company. The corner looks more like a straight line.

We were told Phil would be ready this time being that he's in charge. Or is it still Mattrick's fault?

Tacoboto780d ago

What do you people think powers the games you play on gamepass through the cloud?
Hardware based on PlayStations?

Good grief kids, these are financial executives doing a Q&A at a business conference, not PR statements to gaming blogs.

Godmars290780d ago

There does not exist an "LOL" large enough to properly express my reaction to this.

Phoenix76780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Hardly a day goes by without there being an article with an "ms/xbx executive says....." It's gotten tiresome now.
Won't be long before we here from the bloke who cleans out the toilets about what MS's strategy will be. (rolls eyes).

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The story is too old to be commented.