Mark Rein: why Gears of War looks so good, it's Unreal...

It's been a few months past Emergence and Gears of War is still going strong, looking good. Of course, people are going to ask how and why a game could look so good, it drips beauty at every blood drop, and Mark Rein will oblige with an answer.

Quick answer to a quick question. Also, Mark continues to assure that Epic Games will continue its tradition of solid support for its games: simply put, expect more content to download. It's that sort of dedication that keeps you on top.

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PS360PCROCKS4911d ago

yeah this game looks great but he explains how about the style makes it look really good which is true...and a surprise next update? hmm nice

wii604911d ago

I wonder if the next expansion is going to be free?

DC RID3R4911d ago

square-enix hopping oboard the "UE3" train, epic are un-deniably this gen's MVP!