Cyberpunk 2077 Early PS5/PS4 Hands-On Impressions - PlayStation Universe

PSU Writes: "Read our Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 and PS4 early hand-on impressions to see why the game's world and stories are best explored on PS5 and not PS4. Grand Theft Auto On Steroids, An Engrossing World, With Horrific PS4 Performance."

DEEBO1089d ago

Yes 60fps on the PS5,then when the controller upgrade drops...

Neonridr1089d ago

when the true PS5/XSX upgrades drop for this game you will see a big difference on each console, no doubt.

Sunny123451089d ago

Then thats when everyone should get it.

BenRC011088d ago

You'll get ray tracing and 30fps. Ray tracing is a pointless fanboy buzzword and is crushing this new gen back to dynamic res/30fps.

Neonridr1088d ago

@BenRC01 - yes it's very taxing on the machines, but the lighting/reflections/shadows look unreal when done right.

Rocosaurus1089d ago

This game will push people to switch over to current gen.

IMissJimRyan1089d ago

To play a shit last gen version? CDPR is making everyone their bitches.

wwinterj1089d ago

Current gen is PS5 and Xbox series X. This indeed will help sell current gen hardware once we get a current gen patch.

goldwyncq1089d ago

It looks like an early PS3 game on the base PS4 and lags like hell. Absolutely unacceptable for a AAA game.

potatoseal1089d ago

-- "The majority of my time with Cyberpunk was spent on PS5, playing the game through backwards compatibility, where the game is set to 60 frames-per-second. And, on PS5 the game runs surprisingly well and looks gorgeous. Lighting is excellent and the world pops in a way you would want from a cityscape like this. The game also holds at a nice and steady 60 FPS, but there are small drops, although it is nothing major." --

poppatron1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I’m playing on ps5, and although the game has many points where it looks very nice, there are still occasions when it looks pretty rough I’d say. I’ve not suffered too many graphical glitches and bugs (only 1 t pose) in the 10 hours I’ve played it today. 3 crashes though, thankfully the auto save kicks in frequently and I’ve not had to replay much.

Even with all that in mind, I’m really really loving the game. I’ve only done the first main mission (it’s the one where you get the spiderbot thing that was in the gameplay video a year or so ago) then spent the rest every the day cruising doing side mission stuff in the first area, I’m only level 6. All our fears of this being a short game are completely unfounded, I can’t imagine how it’ll be over any quicker than 50 hours.

It’s great! I’m buzzing, but gutted I’ve got to work tomorrow

Also can’t wait for that next gen patch!

robtion1089d ago

Summed up my situation exactly. Loading is nice and fast but yes that PS5 patch would be great.

I have had 1 crash and there is a lot of clipping (pedestrians walking through bins etc) and other minor glitchy bugs.

That said I love the atmosphere and gameplay and am excited to see more.


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VincentVanBro2d ago

My god they did it, the metro I’ve wanted since day 1!

thorstein2d ago

The metro they promised day 1.

AndrewM2d ago

Haha yeah, I bought the strat guide when it came out...cover is a picture of MC sitting on the metro.

shadowknight2032d ago (Edited 2d ago )

This is the 1 single player game I've waited and wanted, and am glad to wait some more.

Just so I can play it for the first time In all its glory

TheColbertinator2d ago

Enjoy 2077. I beat it on the launch month and loved it but it got better and better until CDPR nailed their vision.

I'm still pissed about the trash launch but there was a brilliant game underneath.

just_looken2d ago

The controls on pc are still a nightmare though was on there the other day spent 3hours trying to get v to move normally so many dam options in./out car or fighting the jank/frusrations were real 3 years on my gog account still get pissed at the controls and walk away.

TheColbertinator2d ago


As a suggestion for the PC I recommend using a controller like the Xbox pad. The reason is because I feel 2077 shines more as a melee game than a straight up FPS.

I mean that's how I enjoyed the gameplay of 2077 more than with k/m

zeuanimals2d ago


Other than dashing being a little awkward, the controls are fine on PC. I'm pretty sure they designed the vehicles around KB&M too based on how they turn.

X-232d ago

I like how right when I think they're done, CDPR is like "Hol'up..." these guys aren't going to stop until they find a way to make this game run on the Switch!