Aaron Greenberg urges fans to 'dial expectations way down' for Game Awards reveals

Aaron Greenberg: "You will see us & our social handles promoting tune-in for @thegameawards tomorrow. We hope you support the industry & watch. While we have a couple moments in the show, I would dial expectations way down versus speculation I am seeing, especially how big we went last year!"

potatoseal1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

If even Greenburgers is telling you to 'dial expectations way down', then what they have might be equivalent to that of a wet fart. Or he could be playing it coy just to lower people's expectations so whatever they show will blow people away. Time will tell.

russo1211323d ago

Satya Nadella just gave a huge reprimand to all Xbox team, including the biggest liar of them all called "Greenburgers".

bouzebbal1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Think first time this moron doesn't overhype a show.. Wow.. I might start taking them serious after this

GottaBjimmyb1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Honestly MS need something big to show, especially if Sony show something big. If Sony shows up big and MS fizzles, on top of Sony already having a much better line-up currently, it is going to be a bad look.

If we are being honest, I think the reason these rumors are coming around isn't because they are true really, but because the fans really want to see what MS has to offer. Many assuming the lack of content would be slightly offset by 1 or 2 surprise announcements.

Army_of_Darkness1323d ago

Haha! That thumbnail looks like series X/s gamers eagerly waiting to hear news about an XBox exclusive

UltraNova1323d ago

Greenberg must be fan at parties...

So MS is preemptively warning their fans that theee6wont be any in-house game reveals?

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porkChop1323d ago

To be fair, I've seen people speculating that both Fable and Perfect Dark will be there. Neither of those games are coming next year and are highly unlikely to be there. I think that might be what Greenberg is referring to. All-around people are going really wild with the speculation.

AngelicIceDiamond1323d ago

Very disappointing MS should at least show off HB2 gameplay. I'm not expecting crazy big reveals but gameplay would do them justice, major justice at that.

Sunny_D1323d ago


If I remember correctly I think NT were actually still very early in development with the game. The last update they gave was them scouting for locations to set the game in.

ABizzel11323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Fable has a chance depending on how long it's been in development. Forza Horizon 4 came out in Fall of 2018, so that will be 3 years Fall 2021. On top of that they've been making Forza Horizon for a while and 3 to 4 wasn't a huge departure so if they were co-developing Fable alongside 3 then it could be ready, and to be honest Xbox needs it to be ready along with Forza so they can get the Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears out of the way, and get the new games / IP's rolling out in 2022.


The game is using Unreal Engine 5 which doesn't launch until late 2021, I doubt anyone is going to show anything UE5 off before Epic Games. Everything they've shown thus far is UE4 rendered as the features for UE5 roll out sometime 2021 to 3rd parties for early access.

But we'll see.

TheProblem1323d ago

This makes a change

So it’s not the greatest, mostest, bestest in Xbox history ever?

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1Victor1323d ago

Damn now I want to see what they have compared to Sony and Nintendo if they show.

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lelo2play1323d ago

Microsoft has nothing to launch until summer 2021...

That's bad.

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ArianaFare1323d ago

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-Foxtrot1323d ago

Aaron Greenberg...telling people to keep expectations in check

Jesus I thought I’d never see the day

2020 man...

Welshy1323d ago

Wasn't followed up with a "wait until E3..." type statement either.

We truly live in unprecedented times.

jbull1323d ago

Don't worry there is still plenty of time for Phil to use that quote.

RgR1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Must be a covid symptom. Gotta add this to the cdc lost of covid symptoms.

I think with the addition they'll pretty much have covered every symptom in human history

Thundercat771323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Greensberg knows how much damage that "most powerful console" marketing did to Xbox series x after it has been proven game after game how the PS5 performs better.

Stop lying to your community and start taking the Xbox situation more seriously.

spicelicka1323d ago

Lmao except it's still the most powerful console and what proof are you referring to? Where devs did a shitty job optimizing?

The marketing is backed the best deal in gaming: Gamepass.

Tacoboto1323d ago

More framerate drops in ACV on PS5 at a higher resolution.
Less framerate drops on XSX since it's allowed to drop to a lesser resolution.

Obviously the XSX version should just be canceled since it's a total sham of a system.

jukins1323d ago

@spicelicka except microsoft has even abandoned the "most powerful console" and even "plays best on xbox" even they know they cant say it anymore.

Tetsdah1323d ago


Honestly they have been sacrificing to get similar or slightly better frames. More than just resolution. Have you seen NX gamer's Dirt 5 comparison? Lower to no tesselation, lower shadows, far less foliage, lower car detail. All in exchange for a few more frames on average and slightly higher resolution on average in 120fps mode.

@Everone else
Out the gate, ps4 outperformed x1. Out the gate, X1X outperformed the PRO.
Guys, calm down on blaming devs and tools until they prove it really is the reason.

Flewid6381323d ago

Poorly optimized games on Gamepass doesnt sound like a good time.

waverider1323d ago

Best deal in gaming? No dude. Best deal in gaming is playing the games You want. And right now gamepass really doesnt matter because it got zero next gen games. Can You play valhalla, dirt, dmc, cod, FIFA, cyberpunk? Nope. But Just wait a couple of years to play some games...

jbull1323d ago

So all the devs did a poor job optimizing? or maybe it's just the console is not as powerful as they marketed it to be.