How to force your kids to enjoy gaming……in a good way

It’s safe to say that one of the best parts of being a parent is sharing interests and hobbies with your kids, including gaming. Here's how to pique their interest if they're not necessarily into it.

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SullysCigar315d ago

Jeez, just let them like what they like!

RaidenBlack315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


SamPao314d ago

You can't like what you don't know.

You may be intrested in playing an instrument but unless your parents actually pay for one you wont get to play one and see if you like it.
AND then the way somebody is taught an instrument also has a lot to do if they are going to enjoy it.

SOOO its not just "Jeez, just let them like what they like! "

there is a lot inbetween and maybe you should stop seeing every article as an attack

LightningMonkey314d ago

Probably due to the improper use of the word "force" that is making them angry.

Fluke_Skywalker314d ago

Yeah what LightningMonkey said, shouldn't have used that wording.
"How to get your kids interested in gaming" would have been better.

SullysCigar314d ago

@SamPao, the guys that already replied to you get it. I'm not seeing the article as an attack - that was an odd thing to say. You don't 'force' a child to like something, but you can encourage them. Pushy parents are not cool. Too many try to live out their dream through their kids, or turn their kids into some weird Mini Me like Doctor Evil and it's not healthy.

One of my buddies is desperate for his daughter to be a boxer. He saturates her life with the sport. We both used to box and he wants her to make it big. The problem? She's 4 years old lol

FlyingFoxy314d ago

Well it seems parents think it's acceptable to let their little kid in mature online games these days, adult content aside they are knowingly letting their kid learn filth among other much worse stuff from trolls and morons with mental issues. Each to their own but it's getting worse.. not sure what's wrong with parents tbh letting a very immature kid into that kind of environment.

MocBistro314d ago

Buy them consoles not fuckin iphones

CrimsonWing69314d ago

Man, the title just seems harsh.

Like everyone is saying in here, if they don't like gaming you don't need to "force" them to, even if it is a "good" way.