Atelier Ryza 2 Shipped 150,000 Copies in First Week, Beating The Original Game's Debut Sales

Koei Tecmo and Gust released Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy last week, and today they offered an update on sales.

TheColbertinator901d ago

That's impressive. Steady but strong sales for the Atelier series

Abriael901d ago

That's what happens when one caters to the fans.

901d ago
Teflon02901d ago

This wasn't catering to fans. This was catering to thirsty fanservice. Artist on sites were drawing Ryza giving the series alot more attention because she's fanservice galore. New people will now try the series for that simple reason. Atelier games are generally pretty good so it's no surprise it did better. They kept the fanservice characters alive lol. I as a fan would prefer a bit more consistency. I hope they make more sense with characters because to this day I'm trying to understand why they're labelling Ryza a tomboy while dressed quite girly and being girly. Just has guy friends.

Games before were catered to fans. This was actually catered to weebs if we're being straight because they're the ones buying into fanservice. Let this same game release with cool designed characters with no fanservice and it would perform like normal.
When they bring back dub options I'll believe they cater to fans because their excuse is silly

Teflon02901d ago

fantastic sales. 200k in Japan is high tier sales so that means this series really is on the up and up. Hopefully they'll raise the budget for it and optimize them a bit better going forward.

Question_Mark901d ago

This looked interesting until I learned that there’s no English dub. Oh well, no buy from me.

Unknown_Gamer5794900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

I'm really not sure boycotting the games is going to encourage the localizers to add a dub. If anything, it might just tell them there's not enough interest in their games to justify the cost. Perhaps low sales are why they dropped them to begin with. I'm really not sure how to encourage the company to reconsider, but low enough sales may just tell them there's not enough interest in the series to continue it at all. I'd probably recommend finding a way to get a message to the publisher if you care enough about that.

DarkZane901d ago

This, Ys IX and Persona 5 Strikers are literally the only games with release date in 2021 that I am anticipating. Everything else doesn't have a release date. I am still undecided on Outriders.

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