Cyberpunk 2077 - PC versus PS5 Graphics Comparison Screenshots

John Papadopoulos writes, "Cyberpunk 2077 releases tomorrow and below you can find some comparison screenshots between the PC and the PS5 versions. These screenshots will give you an idea of the graphical differences between these two versions at launch."


Credit URL: https://www.videogameschron...
The PS5 version mentioned here is the PS4 version running in back-compatibility mode (with added benefits of higher resolution and smoother framerates).

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alextdarling154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

PS5 version is currently using the PS4 Pro build via back compat...

Should make that crystal clear in the description above, this is not how the PS5 version will look come next-gen upgrade next year.

john2154d ago

The article makes that crystal clear.

"In case you weren't aware of, the PS5 version is exactly the same as the PS4 version (with the exception of higher resolution and smoother framerates). CD Projekt RED plans to release a proper next-gen update in 2021, however, this is how the game will look on the PS5 at launch."

alextdarling154d ago

Im referencing the N4G description:
"below you can find some comparison screenshots between the PC and the PS5 versions. "

SullysCigar154d ago

The title sure didn't make that clear, "PC versus PS5 Graphics Comparison", when it's actually PS4 via backward compatibility. I know is all about PC, but that's a bit shady.

Should just wait for the PS5 version and NXGamer to compare. He's far more detailed and doesn't care who 'wins'.

Vanfernal154d ago

"Cyberpunk 2077 releases tomorrow and below you can find some comparison screenshots between the PC and the PS5 versions."

There is no PS5 version.

Vx_154d ago

it doesn't really matter much which version you're playing, with all the overwhelming bugs in this games.

GamerRN154d ago

I've been playing the Series X version and I have to say is a beautiful game, 60fps, and it's actually a really good game and incredible story! I love it!

BrettAwesome154d ago

No. You have not. You've been playing the One X version on Series X

GamerRN152d ago

Ok... I'm playing the Xbox One enhanced version similar to how ps5 is really ps4 version

154d ago
Jin_Sakai154d ago

I always wonder why we have PC vs consoles as if everyone has a high end PC capable of running the game at max settings shown in the comparisons. With consoles everyone has the same experience.

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Father__Merrin154d ago

There is NO PS5 VERSION we have to wait untill it releases, There is ps4 and PS4 Pro versions..... Seems like someone is pissed with the AC valhalla pc v ps5 comparison...

crazyCoconuts154d ago

Something like that. Why make that your title unless you were intent on misleading people?

Btf_1991154d ago

clickbait articles. Gamespot's been doing the same thing too with "PS5 Bloodborne" and stuff like that.

JEECE154d ago

Hmm it's almost like all the blatantly misleading talk about the "PS5 patch" has caused confusion.

154d ago
TheTony316154d ago

well, i won't wait for the PS5 patch. The difference is there (higher res, higher draw distance and ray tracing) but it isn't really THAT big. Not worth the extra wait IMO.

Guitardr85154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@badz149...That's just the main story. The point of games like Cyberpunk is that they offer MANY interesting story lines, characters, and reasons for exploration. To play the game the way it's meant to be played will take between 70-100 hours.

andy85154d ago

Witcher 3 can be beat in 3hr. Is it 3 hrs?

badz149154d ago

you guys are wayyy too sensitive over this CP thing. maybe Tony is interested in the next-gen version but can't wait. so why not let him finish the story for 20H and leave the rest for when the next-gen version arrives?

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Fritzwochel154d ago

What a stupid article, it's not the PS5 version.

zacfoldor154d ago

This is the PS4 Pro version, running BC on PS5, there is no PS5 version yet, no? Why make this article and mention PS5?

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