Untitled Ubisoft Game Coming to Xbox Series X, Will Feature Violence & 32-Player Multiplayer

There's an untitled Ubisoft Xbox Series X|S title that's currently being beta tested and features up to 32-player multiplayer and sports, violence.

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alextdarling86d ago

"32 Player Multiplayer... it'll feature sports and violence" - Sounds like a Rocket League-esque title...

excaliburps85d ago

Or some extreme sport of some kind...

Nitrowolf285d ago

they just released hyperscape too. As long as its fun, but i dont have a whole lot of faith in Ubisoft for MP games

AngelicIceDiamond85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Yeah sounds kinda like blitz type of game. 32 player mp is definitely an exaggerated amount considering both Foot ball and soccer teams have 11 on each side. It's clearly arcade like sports and not a simulator.

This sounds more AA than AAA but who knows right now. Similar to Destruction All Stars on PS5. Not into sports games but if you are glad to see they're making one for sports fans.

DJStotty85d ago

Queue the downplaying comments in 3...2...1...

Godmars29085d ago

Queue overhype for an announcement of an announcement...

Ron_Danger85d ago


Who’s downplaying it? Dude you need to relax with your fanboyism here. Since the launch of the new gen you’ve gone full conspiracy theorist in this site.

A few years ago I noticed I was starting to post comments very similar to what you type (mine favored Sony though) and realized I needed to take some time off because the comments others were making began affecting my mood IRL. I took a few months off from reading any comments on any of the sites I looked at for video games (N4g, PS Blog, reddit) and after a few months I felt so much better and stopped caring about other opinions on this site because I realized unless someone is posting actual beneficial facts, everything is just opinion.

Hope you can figure out what makes you happy in life because these fanboy spats aren’t worth it.

DJStotty85d ago

lol what fanboy spats?

I simply stated that there will be some comments downplaying a game coming to the Series X, there will be in time.

I don't need to take a break my good friend, i like reading gaming news.

InUrFoxHole84d ago

Act like u don't know n4g

Ron_Danger84d ago (Edited 84d ago )


I know how n4g is. I can also see when someone is taking things too personally when they get all predefensive about something like this. He’s more concerned with other people’s opinions than he is about his own. It’s a shame cause I remember even a year ago he was posting unbiased comments and somewhere along the line something changed.

It sucks watching someone turn their hobby into an obsession.

We’re all part of a gaming community here because we all like playing games. It’s just tough watching someone unravel.

SmokinAces85d ago

"Downplaying" a game there's no name for and that we know nothing about, LOL uh ok.

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Battlestar2385d ago

Sounds interesting hope it comes to PS5 would love to see a proper 120FPS mode.

KingTrash85d ago

It’s probably Roller Champions or Riders Republic.

RgR85d ago

Features violence...isn't that politically incorrect

In all honesty how many games out there dont feature some kind of Violence.... Wouldn't really be a selling point in my opinion.

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