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Halo Infinite - Inside Infinite – December 2020

Joseph Staten: As 343 Day draws to a close, we're excited to offer a closer look at Halo Infinite development and share our updated launch window of Fall 2021.

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Community126d ago
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Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

This completely disproves the sites that were claiming the game was [probably] launching in spring 2021 as claimed by a no-cap artist.

ABizzel1126d ago

A bunch of poorly aged comments in there.

darthv72125d ago

The waypoint piece is a pretty interesting read.

"Speaking of improvements on the art/content side, one big outcome from our demo was the emergence of the now world-renowned “Craig.” While we and the internet have come to love dear Craig, we know he wasn’t his “best self” back in July. Can you give us any updates on Craig as he stands today?

NH: Firstly, I can confirm that the facial animation on NPCs was not fully implemented in that build, which resulted in Craig’s incredibly deadpan/lifeless look. All characters are modelled in a neutral pose, prior to blendshapes & animation being applied. So, poor old Craig was never intended to be seen in that condition which is not something that was evident during the gameplay. It was only later, in the close-up freeze frame of his one bad moment, where it came to light and the legend of Craig was born.

There’s been further work done on the material fidelity and more variety added for Brute faces, we’re also working to add some hairdos and beards which was something we hadn’t gotten to in July. So, whilst we have come to love our dear old Craig, he’s certainly undergoing a significant makeover.

Craig isn’t the only model to see improvements though, there have been significant changes to other characters & 3D models as we continue to evolve and polish our content, some of which can be seen in the Spartan and weapon renders being shared today."

That must mean that Craig will have a beard like Kratos... "Craigtos". I'm calling it first.

RememberThe357125d ago

Anyone looking at this reasonably knew this thing needed more time in the oven. At least this is them showing us they heard us and are working. MS needs this game to be a smash far more than it needs it this year. The end of next year is perfect and gives the team the time they need to make it right. Glad to see whoever was trying to push this game out early changed their tune.

darthv72126d ago

A lot of people were hopeful that spring would be possible but it is what it is. Now maybe they will do something to honor the og xbox and its 20th anniversary.

Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

Fall 2021is also a full year delay, which gives the studio much more time for polish and additional content.

CaptainHenry916126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It is what it is lol. Halo Infinite has been in development for over 5 years and the demo they showed back in September was awful in its 5 years development to polish everything up and add additional content 😂. If it's taking this long for 343 to develop Halo then something is going on behind closed doors 😬🤐🚪 Maybe the Series X should have launch in Fall 2021 as well. Reality has struck big time

RgR126d ago

Such an enormous delay usually proves development hell.

Halo is a goner. Bungie should probably take the ip back to save it. I thought 343 were capable with how much I enjoyed halo4 but now I see otherwise.

Abriael126d ago

That's why you don't trust actors for news on release dates. They usually do not know. They're on a need-to-know basis, and they most definitely don't need to know when a game releases.

potatoseal126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

LOL did you say "NO-cap" on purpose?

If so that's quite funny for some reason

126d ago
rakentaja126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

to CaptainHenry916: Series X sell out everywhere, even with 0 games. No need to delay the system. Halo Infinite gameplay shown was after they had finished the story / campaign, without being polished or visually enhanced, which is usually done later.

jznrpg125d ago

Let’s revisit this comment in 6 months

125d ago
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jbull126d ago

So a full years delay and the absolute lies from Phil Spencer that the game would be coming fall 2020 when they showed the subpar gameplay footage over the summer, Xbox fanboys swearing on there mothers lives that it was an old build you even had Digital Foundry make an absolute mockery of themselves trying to say the time of day in the game caused the bad lighting and graphics etc

Minute Man 721126d ago

The graphics is subpar but the gameplay is Halo

jbull126d ago

Well when Phil was running his mouth since last year about how Series X is the most powerful console ever and hints from him and Aaron Greenberg that they seen Halo footage and it was gonna blow people away and then boom the absolute humiliation come July when the footage emerges. Clear those 2 clowns lied or seen the footage and thought it would suffice.

Eamon126d ago

The demo clearly lacked a hell of a lot of polish. Delaying it a year is a good decision. I just hope it only needs 1 year.

I doubt this decision was taken easily. It was a combination of bad reaction the gfx + Covid impact on XSX sales + pressure from Phil himself.

The old Microsoft before Phil Spencer would have most likely launched the game with the console - no ifs, no buts.

crazyCoconuts126d ago

We didn't see how bad it was. Rumors coming out of the mill were that it was a broken mess developed by a broken team. Probably wasn't even in a releasable state

jbull126d ago

This the same Phil that has been promising and not delivering for years? He would have seen footage well prior to the event and gave it the approval. It only got delayed because of the fans. Anyway as the saying goes for Xbox "wait till E3"

DJStotty126d ago

The old Microsoft would have launched Halo Infinite alongside Kinect 2.0, and smiled from ear to ear when they announced the price of the game would be £749.99

Concertoine126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I dont remember DF saying anything of the sort in their analysis. They said the game had flat lighting and offered 20 minutes of technical reasoning why.

Its always weird when acolytes from either console try to insist DF are biased to any one side. Its pretty evident that they arent, when they arent making sponsored videos.

jbull126d ago

Doesn't matter about the lighting or the excuse of the sun shining through the valley the textures just look plain average and its even more apparent when Craig the brutes ugly face appears on screen.

Concertoine126d ago


I’m not saying the game looks good lol. It needed the delay.

DJStotty126d ago


All your issues with how the game looked are addressed in the article. They openly admit that the summer showing was below par, un-polished, and most of the assets used were a work in progress as they only intended to showcase sections of the gameplay.

The good thing is, is because of the backlash by fans/jokes by Sony fans, we are going to get a better Halo than was previously intended, so thanks Sony fans, you have done the Halo fanbase a favour.

IRetrouk126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

So they lied then? They said how hard they had worked to polish that section, remember? Now its below par? I smell excuses....

It shouldn't take "sony fans" to get the best out of ms devs, they should want to do that all by themselves.

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NeoGamer232126d ago

Thank you for the completely useless rant.

You dislike XB but what are you afraid of that you have to go into an XB article and try to demean, insult, or whatever XB fans.

I don't know what you anti-XB fans are afraid of. Because the only types of people that go on these kinds of rants are insecure about something.

jbull126d ago

I tend to buy both consoles, prefer Sony mainly they deliver games but I fear a future without gaming competition. Microsoft with all their money and resources should not have this amateur set up with the Xbox console. How can you defend them for their performance on Xbox one with no decent exclusives and don't get me started on Kinect.

NeoGamer232126d ago

I am just tired of both PS and XB fans slagging the other's new articles. There is being factual and then there is ranting. Yours is a rant.

Yes, XB has made lots of mistakes. I could say the same about Sony for the PS3. You know. Not jumping on MP gaming, PSN would always be free, PS3 would bring 1080p gaming, etc. But drudging the past is not helpful for either company's history.

DJStotty126d ago


Still clinging to the "kinect" chestnut along with the "no decent exclusives" statement?

You Sony fans really need something new, fresh, i thought you were the "innovators"? Sounds a lot like rinse and repeat to me.

Ausbo126d ago

Get lost fanboy. Game delays aren’t lies told by developers. They are unexpected development troubles that most devs deal with.

1Victor125d ago

@Ausbo not in this case they(Microsoft top brass ) promise they seen the game and it was mind blowing (their words) and had to delay a game that was meant to be already out because of the backlash promised it would be out by spring only to be found now ITS FALL.
Now tell me what would had happened if it was Sony who did this would you have said the same thing or would you be with pitchforks and torches calling for Sony heads to roll.
If they would had said we are having troubles with the game and will take longer than expected to deliver the best game you deserve, EVERYONE WOULD APPLAUD THEM and gain a little more respect but no they choose the lie cheat and steal moto of old 360 time.
I know I’m going to get a lot of disagree but hey it’s N4Xbox

porkChop126d ago

Games get delayed all the time after announcing a release date, that doesn't make Phil a liar. Every publisher has had to do the same at some point, including Sony.

DJStotty126d ago

It was meant to launch in 2020, where did Phil lie?

jbull126d ago

Yes Xbox had no decent exclusives, if your into racing Forza is class but other than that it's slim pickings. Halo is nowhere near the powerhouse it was, might change in the future though with Bethesda acquisition and Fable etc

DJStotty126d ago

That literally had nothing to do with what i said, nice deflect though.

"Yes Xbox had no decent exclusives, if your into racing Forza is class"

Make your mind up.

jbull126d ago

Car games are more of a niche and don't seem to attract the masses when you think back to Gran Turismo 3.

ABizzel1126d ago

The whole Digital Foundry thing was explaining why the game looked bad, but not a dive into other areas they could improve. He was specifically speaking on the lighting, which everything he said in that regard was completely true.

Lighting can drastically change the look of textures and therefore the overall quality and scenery in a game as the wrong lighting or time of day and literally dull the look of everything, and these are things you can test yourself.

Now why they picked that time of day is far beyond me, as developers that was plain stupid of them.

Now adding Raytracing as shown in the new image they leaked will definitely help, especially if it's global illumination. But there are other areas that need big improvements as well such as overall texture work, foliage, and environmental details. Fix those 4 things and the game will be perfectly fine graphically for an "open level" 4K @ 60fps game.

But this is what happens when you use a toolset that's trying to target Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and multiple PC configurations. It looks like they're developing the game from the bottom up which is never the best way to do cross-platform anything unless it's a mobile game. The game should start from Series X or at least Series S, and scaled-down from there by reducing fps from 60 to 30 for last-gen, and resolution as low as 720p on the Xbox One and One s, and 1080p - 1440p for One X.

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darthv72126d ago

Honestly, MS should have delayed the Series X until 2021 as well. Coincide with the 20th anniversary of the OG Xbox.

TGGJustin126d ago

They really should've. I've barely used mine at all b/c there is nothing really on it that I can't play on my PS5. There is nothing coming anytime soon either at least announced right now. They were clearly not ready on the software front and should've just held off.

InUrFoxHole126d ago

Weird... plenty to play. The games look great and play great. If you're talking about exclusives... then I guess miles or souls can't be played on ps4? Neither company has a line up worth bragging about.

ecchiless126d ago


so i can play souls on ps4? rly?

badz149126d ago Show
126d ago
potatoseal126d ago

@ Bads, you need a PS5 console to play the game, so you can remote play it to PS4. Technically, the game is still playing on the PS5 console

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 126d ago
crazyCoconuts126d ago

Agreed. At least then they could have really delivered on the power advantage narrative like they did with the X1X. But who knows which option really sells them more consoles. It's not like the X1X sold that well either

LucasRuinedChildhood126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Tbh, no disrespect, but that's not a good idea from a business perspective. When you look at the sales of the PS5, the lead that Sony would build over MS would be crazy (at least 15 million).

The PS3 releasing a year after the 360 let the 360 gain a strong foothold and gave MS an early advantage.

chiefJohn117126d ago

No that would be dumb for many reasons

FallenAngel1984126d ago

They can’t give Sony a year long head start again

Notellin126d ago

Yeah they should have just stored a couple million consoles in a warehouse for a year and launched later.


ABizzel1125d ago

They couldn't afford to do that, because it would have caused a massive uproar, and it would have instantly given PlayStation the generation once again. They had to release this year to get their core fans on board ASAP, and to continue the push for GamePass subscriptions.

But at this point is inevitable that the PS5 is more than likely going to outsell Series X&S anyway by a good amount again.

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-Foxtrot126d ago

How could Phil say this was going to be a launch game and was looking great yet now it has a years delay. Seriously and people wonder why some don’t trust him.

I hope they’ve removed the GAAS elements and it’s a more traditional standard Halo game. I just don’t think open world with a small Destiny vibe is a good idea

Jin_Sakai126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

What’s funny is their big hitters for 2021 are yet again more Forza and Halo. The trend never changes.

Sonyslave3126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

You right more halo it not ms fault halo universe is deep and full of untouched material.

Hell they didn't even touch the novels yet but anyway more halo and forza.

Along with 34 studios when the zenimax deal get close early next year.

Capcom or sega might get grab by big daddy Nat.

chiefJohn117126d ago

How does a 6 year release from the previous a trend? Lol quick to pull stuff out your rare regardless of it makes sense or the truth i see.

DJStotty126d ago

Forza is not released in 2021

DJStotty126d ago

Sony with remakes/remasters the trend never changes.

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Neonridr126d ago

clearly it wasn't where they wanted it. At the end of the day this is only going to be a good thing.

potatoseal126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Yeah Phil has always been a PR bullshit artist

badz149126d ago

do you remember he also claims he was already playing games on the Series X earlier this year and have been gaming on it for months? I wonder on what xbox had he been playing on back then?

rlow1126d ago

You obviously didn't read the whole post. It's nothing like that.

DJStotty126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Can't really see him saying "The game will release this holiday, but looks crap"

Course he is going to say it looks great lmao, these fanboys seriously need a new direction.

Halo is not GAAS, you do not pay monthly.

"in the video game industry, games as a service (GaaS) represents providing video games or game content on a continuing revenue model, similar to software as a service."

jznrpg125d ago

I don’t think they will get rid of the GaaS model for Halo. They need content for their subs and more games like this will be coming , episodic stuff, story chapters , seasons , the Netflix model . Not that they won’t have traditional games , but they are going to be lmultiplat or lesser if they are exclusive to Xbox

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TGGJustin126d ago

This is exactly why you don't listen to a mo-cap actor on when a game is coming out. They would never have that information. I said all along this game was late next year at best. Don't be surprised if it slips to 2022. I've also seen some idiots blaming COVID. Like this game has been in the works for 5 years now and going on 6. COVID had little to do with it for most that time. Some people really are just plain stupid.

126d ago
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