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Cyberpunk 2077 has standout side quests and strong main characters, though its buggy, superficial world and lack of purpose bring it down.

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TGGJustin84d ago

Now people maybe will realize they overhyped this game. I never saw anything about it in footage that made me think it would be a GOTG. CD did one great game in Witcher 3 and people acted like everything from them would now be gold.

Silly gameAr84d ago

I'm not really that excited about it either, but people are hyped for this game because of the dev behind it. cd project red are super respected, and honestly one of the game companies out there that are really on the gamers side.

SullysCigar84d ago

I do agree that CDPR are super respected, but the people that were hyping the crap out of this game were also largely of a demographic that had nothing else to look forward to this yea after Halo got bumped.

I loved TW3, I've even saved a little bit to play on next gen after hearing it will be patched, but I had my concerns about CP2077 due to the whole Keanu Reeves thing and the bizarre Twitter marketing with celebs. It kinda felt a bit 'check it - we gots money now'. I guess I'll check out a few more reviews and see from there.

fiveby984d ago

I'll surely be playing the game. I still do expect it to have some technical bugs. But I fully expect to put well over 100+ hours into it.. I am seeing some other very good reviews. Reviews are clearly subjective though. Who knows the motivation of experience of the reviewer. I tend not to put much value on reviews from such sites. But to each their own.

oof4684d ago (Edited 84d ago )

@SullysCigar: "...but the people that were hyping the crap out of this game were also largely of a demographic that had nothing else to look forward to this yea after Halo got bumped."

Why are you making this a console war thing? I've seen tons of Playstation and PC people who were excited for this game.

ZeroBlue284d ago

@Sully Maybe watch some footage, try it yourself? Why would you listen to a game journalist? It's 91 on metacritic currently, if that's something that matters to you.

GamingSinceForever84d ago

If they were really on the gamer's side the shit would be all patched at launch. This game has been delayed twice I think. Not saying that it won't be a good game but can they please get their quality control together.

UltraNova84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I'm not here to defend the game, let me be clear on that but Kallie Plagge reviewed the game, a games journalist that literally only plays Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

How did Gamespot thought its a good idea to let her review a genre that she does not play regularly, or even worse, might not even like to begin with? Also isn't she the "too much water" lady? Sadly there was no "too much rpg" quote...

Knushwood Butt84d ago

The same person reviewed Yoshi's Crafted World and gave it 8/10.

'Collectibles reward your curiosity and provide an added layer of depth.'.


mikeslemonade84d ago

W3 is overrated and Cyberpunk should have been current gen exclusive, the PS4 held it back.

NecrumOddBoy84d ago

Kallie Plague is a blot in gaming journalism. She is horribly racist and sexist, and puts really egregious social politics in her garbage reviews. These woke reviewers need to keep their personal agendas out if the reviews.

hamburgerhill84d ago

@oof46- because he's a douche!

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TheOptimist84d ago

Witcher 2 and Witcher 1 were masterpieces too, but ok

TGGJustin84d ago

No one hardly gave a damn about Witcher until the third one. The first was just OK and the second was better but still had issues. They haven't done near enough compared to some other studios to think everything they do will be GOTY quality.

RgR84d ago

Just like no one hardly gave a damn about elder scrolls morrowind....and yet it's still the best elder scrolls from bethesda.
Same with witcher 1 and 2. Most casuals had no clue if it's existence. Too much cod in the brain. And yet many others knew how great they are.

Imalwaysright84d ago

CD made 3 great games prior to Cyberpunk and since when does one review dictate the quality of any given game?

ABizzel184d ago

3 great games is really pushing it. The first was decent, the 2nd was good, the 3rd was great.

ufo8mycat84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

The first game was super rough
Second game was good
TW3 was amazing

Just because a studios previous gane was amazing doesnt automatically mean their next one will be.

ikarodemon84d ago

First I would like to know why this review left before the date agreed with the developer. Second, why should I take into account a review of a game that has not received its final patch? Gamespot is playing a dirty game in this case.

TGGJustin84d ago

What? This was played with the Day 1 patch. Reviews went live today for everyone that had a code for it. Don't be mad because Gamespot wasn't blinded by hype like some other outlets. If you want to accuse someone of being dirty then accuse the developer for refusing to send out console keys and refusing to let reviewers use their own captured footage.

RazzerRedux83d ago

"What? This was played with the Day 1 patch. " was not.

"I played a pre-release build that was updated during the review period, and there's a day-one patch planned as well, but the scale of technical issues is too large to reasonably expect immediate fixes."

82d ago
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Petebloodyonion84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Well, it seems that you already had your mind made up that the game would suck no matter what.
reminds me of all the reviewers that already had Days gone painted as a failure at E3 because it was another zombie game with a white male protagonist.

And since you are so eager to have a Gamespot review reflecting your perception of the game I guess that we can discard your review of Tlou2 since the same Gamespot reviewer gave it an 8 versus your perfect score.
I guess you must agree also about Gamespot's review of Spiderman Miles Morales score of 7/10 versus your 9.5 review

And before replying to ppl about patches you should at least read the review
" I played a pre-release build that was updated during the review period, and there's a day-one patch planned as well, "
So nope she didn't play the patched version of the game.

ZeroBlue284d ago (Edited 84d ago )

It's 91 on metacritic...
It looks awesome. If you form your opinion on games based on what some hipster "journalist" from the bay area tells you, perhaps you should broaden your horizens a bit.

TGGJustin84d ago

Don't count on that Metacritic score to hold once console reviews come in. A lot of those reviewers let their hype blind them too. They fault other games for being buggy messes but ignored it for this one and gave it 10/10s anyway. If you trust people like that then you're stupid.

spicelicka84d ago

Completely disagree. Many of the reviews are calling it GOTG in scope and ambition. Pretty much all the points taken off are due to performance issues and glitches Personally I couldn't care less about glitches, it is an independent issue and as long as it's plays decently well i'm satisfied.

Father__Merrin84d ago

@ 5by9

its a 20h game that can double up into the 40's range you will only get 100's of hours if you just play it again

Mr_cheese84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Dude, i just looked through your comment history and cant believe you have spent the past 4 hours going from thread to thread bashing Cyberpunk and hailing reviewers as if you've personally played the game and they sung from your heart book.

Games1st84d ago

91 metascore with 44 reviews

84d ago
Jin_Sakai84d ago

Here we go with this BS again.

By Kallie Plagge:

“The incorporation of different cultures and backgrounds is wildly inconsistent, from good to inaccurate to downright offensive“

NecrumOddBoy84d ago

Fictional world created by multicultural developers from an Eastern European studio from a game created by a black guy. Still not woke enough. Kallie is trash.

potatoseal84d ago

When I eventually play the game it will be a BLIND PLAYTHROUGH...

TheRealTedCruz84d ago

Make another 700 posts how you don't like the game lol.

RazzerRedux83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Has he played it?

notachance84d ago

did this game insult your family or something lmao

neutralgamer199284d ago (Edited 84d ago )

One side will hate the review and cite 91/100 on meta while other will defend the review

Here are some facts

Cd project red haven't allowed sites to review the console version

CDPR have allowed the early reviews to show any of their personally captured gameplay due to the fact many would show bugs and glitches along with good aspects of the game

There is a day zero patched which was released mid way through the review process when other big companies would let the reviewers play with day zero/one patch to review to give fair and honest opinion

The main story is extremely short and with side quests it's 40+ hours max(I rather take a short great game but it is what it is)

Pandemic has hit all game developers hard so working from home and polishing the game along with play testers isn't easy. I think many games that will launch start 2021 will suffers some bugs/glitches unless games are delayed

Is it a bad game absolutely not is it GOTG type game I also don't think so. I am waiting till summer 2021 so I can get a ps5 and hopefully by than they will have a true next generation patch to make it awesome. This game needs gamers feedback so CDPR can improve so I think it's safe to assume it will be a much better game by middle of summer 2021

Reviews are an opinion of one person when that person gives our favorite game a good score we defend them and when they don't we hate on them. Ask yourself this do you want the person reviewing to give you all the pros and cons or just pros and gloss over any bugs and or glitches

xTonyMontana84d ago

They are a small developer,they have slowly increased the scale and production values of their games with every single release. Lack of purpose in the world is a bit concerning but overall you are going to get bugs in a game this size and scale.

conanlifts84d ago

Even with GameSpot's review score it is sitting on a 91 at metacritic. In my view that still puts it in line for game of the year.

gamer780484d ago

you are going to have to look elsewhere if you dont' want an agenda driven review, (stay away from polygon, kotaku and this specific gamespot review)

"I found just one message on one of the many computers I logged into that commented on how low-brow Night City culture is. The result is that there's a fetishization of trans people at every turn, in a game with only one very minor trans character (that I found, at least) and no way to play as an authentically trans character yourself."

Blade9284d ago

You don't even realize that the person who wrote this review is full on SJW. I bet you didn't even read the review.

RgR84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Witcher 1 and 2 being equally great of course....only casual gamers were wholly unaware the entire time.

Casual gamers love love witcher 3. But the rest of us know just how awesome the 1st and second were. Specifically the 1st.

Yui_Suzumiya83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

On the hand, I've never been interested in The Witcher series, but this looks amazing to me. I just don't care for medieval themed fantasy games outside of Dragon Age II and Inquisition.

soulrebel83d ago

Shit I didn't realise these guys did the only reviews in the world of gaming. Guess the game is shit.

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shepherdzeMan84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Gamespot the attention-seeking whores as always!

- currently rated 91 on Metacritic which proves my point

nommers84d ago

Give it time. There's not much mention of console versions being reviewed from what I've heard.

generic-user-name84d ago

Says person who hasn't played it.

Dark_Eternal84d ago

The Metascore is a weighted average aggregate of many diverse opinions; it doesn't "prove" anything about reviewers you hate. 😅

Chaos_Order83d ago

The metacritic score doesn't prove your point at all, and the fact you think it does is both hilarious and cringeworthy. Maybe the reviewer was just being, you know, honest?

Hell, if I worked for a large gaming site you can bet your ass off I'd lie through my teeth constantly and hand out 9/10 to hyped games just to keep rabid fanboys off my back. If I was to actually review games honestly I'd be called all sorts of names by the idiot masses.

I'm still massively excited for Cyberpunk, by the way. Just waiting on the PS5 version. :)

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Vx_84d ago

Muhahaha i told you so, i called it out that this is a max 8/10 game and i got all the hate and dislike

outsider162484d ago

8/10 still means its great. Why the hell would you get hate and dislike for?

zumlauf1484d ago

"i told you so". lmao based off one review? Currently has 91 meta. So that would mean you were wrong.

RacerX84d ago

This review is rushed at best, and he spends an uncomfortable amount of time complaining that there isn't enough "transgender" content... As if that's some bar we really need raised (based on the percentage of people in the world that are actually trans)...

I give this review a 4/10, and will reserve judgment for more thorough and genuine reviewers.

mike32UK84d ago

Are you 12? Or did you have a bet on this or something?

Vx_84d ago

@outsider1624 nothing wrong with an 8 but ppl are way too sensitive these days, many hoped that this is the game that will change the gaming experience forever, when in fact it’s just another open word game full of bugs and non-consistent story and gameplay.

@zumlauf14 not for long this will avrage in the 80s, as more 7s (or worse) reviews will be added.

Redlife2g84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

😂 What's wrong with an 8??

Dragonscale84d ago

Witcher 3 fanboys lol. So happy it got a lower than expected review score from gamespot of all sites. How very sad and spiteful purely because its not witcher 4.

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ZeroBlue284d ago

It's 91 on metacritic currently...
Uh oh.

Vx_84d ago

not for too long it will plunge as more avrage reviews still not counted as of yet.

RazzerRedux84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"The incorporation of different cultures and backgrounds is wildly inconsistent, from good to inaccurate to downright offensive"


RebelWAC84d ago

Got to love Kallie though I mean, she tried lol she tried

SyntheticForm84d ago

This particular reviewer is notorious for her SJWism.

SullysCigar84d ago

Hate that crap - they need to keep it out of reviews.

Stick it on some lefty site where people like to whine about that stuff and just tell us if the game is fun and how it plays. Write a separate opinion piece about it (that I can ignore!) if you really feel it's so important, but just don't tarnish reviews with it!

SyntheticForm84d ago

I'm so tired of it and I'm tired of hearing people talking about how we "need" more people with a certain pigment, daily. Skin pigment does nothing for anyone. We don't "need" anyone with a certain pigment, but we do need good, competent people for any job whether it's in the government, the medical field, or McDonald's. People sitting around the kitchen table deciding whether to pay the gas bill or feed themselves don't give a crap how many latinas Biden puts in his cabinet.

I'm tired of people being "offended" by stupid nonsense. If you're offended, dig a hole! Dig a deep hole and just sit in it, and stop infecting everyone around you.

I had to get that out, lol. It's going to be struck, but it's honest, and I don't care.

RazzerRedux84d ago


"If you're offended, dig a hole! Dig a deep hole and just sit in it, and stop infecting everyone around you."

Right there with you. These people are miserable. And they won't stop feeling miserable until the entire world is miserable. Nah....I'm not going to wallow in misery especially over a damn video game

frostypants84d ago

@SullysCigar man I'm a lefty and this stuff even makes me want to puke. Maybe the left has gone too far left and now I'm center? I dunno anymore. But this garbage is...well...garbage.

84d ago
SullysCigar83d ago

^ @Frosty, same here man. It's gone way too far and pushed me centre. The left now just want everyone to conform and there's way to much policing of 'wrongthink' on the internet and social media. I can't support that kind of thing - freedom of speech is something we've rightly fought for and I'm not about to give it up.