Microsoft CEO Nadella on What Sets Xbox Series X|S Apart from PS5

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has reiterated its vision with Xbox going forward when asked what sets Xbox apart from Sony's PS5.

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IRetrouk785d ago

Worry less about the 3 billion gamers you might reach and worry more about the people buying your home consoles and services on pc...

Bathyj785d ago

Exactly. If you want to be a mobile developer do it. Leave the console gaming space for people that care about it. Microsoft is just a swarm of locusts. They've never seen gaming as anything more than a money pie that want a big slice of. Just another financial frontier for them to try and dominate.

Muzikguy785d ago

"But all companies are in it to make money" /s

There's definitely a difference and you can see it

IRetrouk785d ago

Yeah, you really can, I just want games lol

Bathyj785d ago

Obviously all companies are trying to make money. I'm not naive. But you can chosen to do it in an industry you care about. And you can chose to grow and nurture that industry exactly like Sony has done. Gaming would not be where it is if not for them.

alb1899785d ago

If they see gaming just as money more than Sony then explain to me how they can make the Series X at 500 dollars, why you can use old controllers, why does backward compatibility exist and they keep investing in that for free, why we have Gamepass, why Gamepass have at launch all the new games, why they made a console that cost 299, why they made smart delivery, Quick Resume....why they invest 7Billions on ZeniMax if they just want our money without giving us value and why are they bringing all the good talent from everywhere to their new Studio The Initiative?

SlothLordPootus785d ago

@alb Microsoft is skimping on R&D costs, that's why they have the same old controller (although PS5 should support DS4), stock gpu with stock software, CPU is chosen for future long term azure cloud server usage, SSD is nothing special, and the form factor is essentially just a PC tower (although microsoft did do a good job on the internal layout).

I applaud microsoft for to their backward compatibility support, although it is much easier to do this for xbox as all the generations have basically run on near equivalents to windows. I do really wish Sony had figured the PS3 BC out, I really wanted a machine capable of PS1-5.

Gamepass exists because Microsoft wants another subscription payment from you. It is a constant revenue so it is very easy to predict. It's much easier to estimate subscriber growth at a fixed cost than it is to count on new games/IP to make their money back every time. That's the same reason you see them publishing existing franchises (and buying successful devs and publishers for exorbitant amounts of money). Why do you think the xbox gold lineup has paled in comparison recently to ps plus, they don't want xbox gold to be enough, they want you to buy game pass.

Game pass will have first party games there right away, yes, however you will likely see a drift from new entries in a series to GaaS models. We are already seeing this potentially with the new Forza Motorsport game and Halo Infinite. They have a $300 all digital console because in all likelihood they are making a better margin on that product AND they get more revenue from digital sales (you have to buy through their store).

The biggest reason for gamepass/xcloud is that they are delusional about there being 3 BILLION people in the world that want to play console quality games on their phones. That's just asinine. Just because there's that many people playing candy crush doesn't mean those same people want to play halo and gears of war.

gamer7804785d ago

Lol not what he said at all... consoles first. Expanding through cloud...

AngelicIceDiamond785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

You act like MS has never cared for the past 19 years they've been in business with Xbox. You realize the console is heavily influenced by who's in charge right? OG Xbox good console with games. Early 360 days even better. New CEO's ruined that game vision for casual experiences and explored other mediums. Then it went to crap. I guess everyone for got the PS3 refocused it's attention on games but was busy trying to market the console that can do other things. They soon realized ppl wanted games and mid PS3 era up until PS5 they're delivered on every front with out slowing down. MS thought they could get away with it but failed now they're going back to what made their console successful to begin with.

darthv72785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

MS has been in it longer than most so they know how to get their slice of pie. There are plenty of pies to choose from so its like a pie buffet and they certainly arent the only ones out sampling from the different tables.

lifeisgamesok785d ago

I see MS as this too. They want the most money out of gaming but with minimal effort

Whereas Playstation goes all in, every generation IMO

The Wood785d ago

'You act like MS has never cared for the past 19 years'

Nobody is really saying that. Their best time in the console world was their 360 era. They were aggressive with getting better deals and producing more varied quality output despite its hardware issues. Management hasn't been as good since imo. So many flip flops in their direction shows by their dwindling mind share. Is their realisation of what gamers want too little too late, nah, I think it should be easier to do better than last gen which was frankly a s#it show of epic proportions. You mention they cottoned on about games mid 360 time when that's the time they started to fall off. its taken then over a decade bro and they are only now starting to fix s#it. They deserve all the criticism they get and their fans should have been more vocal towards MS instead focusing on sonys frailties and perpetually damage controlling for over a decade.

glennhkboy784d ago

What wrong with making money?.... Isn't Sony doing the same thing "They've never seen gaming as anything more than a money pie that want a big slice of. Just another financial frontier for them to try and dominate."?......

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alb1899785d ago

That's why they gave us a great new console and that's why they invest on Obsidian, Ninja Theory nd ZeniMax. That is why they reclute the best programers designers and writers to the new studio The Initiative. I really can see that the future is bright for XBOX and gamers in general.

785d ago
alb1899785d ago

Is it not sense to think that some good games will come from all this investment? Really!?

Zhipp784d ago

Actually yes. It's been bright since roughly two years ago when they first started announcing acquisitions and really pushing gamepass. You're forgetting how dire things were looking for Xbox before then. Now both Xbox and PC gamers have something concrete to look forward to from MS in the future.

NeoGamer232785d ago

I think they are doing OK, not great right now. They released a lot of games for console and PC this past year. Launch games for XB Series were light to non-existent, but the rest of the year saw a lot of new stuff. Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons, Flight Simulator, Wasteland 3, Grounded on Preview, and Gears Tactics. Not bad for 2020. Yes, none of the are GOTY contenders, but many are nominated for other awards.

2021 is still to be defined, but having Halo Infinite already slotted in is good. Also the timed exclusives that slipped are good like The Medium, The Ascent, etc. And I expect at least a few of the already announced games to appear in 2021.

In the meantime, I can play some of the PS stuff like Miles Morales, Horizon, Sackboy, etc. Sony came out with lots of early games and that will keep me busy!

kayoss785d ago

A lot of commenters keep saying that N4G is a Sony sight and that Sony cant do no wrong. However, they forget that its not that SOny cant do no wrong, its because Microsoft keep doing the wrong stuff, thats why they're getting all the criticism. The criticism is not all coming from Sony fans, but its coming from Microsoft fans as well.

TheDibbler785d ago

Sure criticism is coming from both fanbases but you have to admit there are a lot of deranged trolls from the Sony side in all the Microsoft articles. There is valid criticism to be had because Halo was a colossal disappointment when shown. The performance hasn’t been there yet but it is early days and Microsoft’s sdk wasn’t as advanced as Sony’s so it will take more time and is unrealistic for them to be up to speed day one when they didn’t have final hardware until much later. But people want to declare victory for their platform of choice for reasons passing understanding.

Sony has better launch software as I have enjoyed Miles Morales and am currently loving Demon’s Souls. No doubt Sony is doing better out of the gate but to think Microsoft isn’t going to have good stuff coming is just being dishonest. Both will be good at the end of the day.

343_Guilty_Spark785d ago

I suppose they should be like Sony and try to reach the same 100+ million hardcore gamers every generation. Considering how much Sony spends on games and advertising that's just not a very large user's not trivial either but I'm sure even Sony would like to have 200-500 million users.

343_Guilty_Spark785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

How is it a stock GPU when it's based on the same Zen APU architecture as the PS5 and has more CUs and a faster CPU?

Where do y'all get this crap from?

Stock software? Why would they rewrite the OS when 90% of gamers are mostly interacting through launching the games?

OB1Biker784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

They are consistent in their arrogance. In 2013 it was about 1billion gamers. In 2018 it was 2billion gamers talk. Now it's a 3 billion gamers talk.

alb1899784d ago

That's not arrogance, that is the market and with Gamepass Xcloud via cellphone, computer and consoles they can reach this market.

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KinoFan785d ago

Microsoft are positioned to do great this gen.

Eonjay785d ago

It's easy to understand why that could be true. But what Microsoft has to do is the hard work of delivering quality content. They can not be praised for postering. They have to actually follow through.

alb1899785d ago

Good content is not a thing of one day. They have made the moves to secure good and vast content with the adquisitions they have made. From 2021 and on we will start to see all that effort.

DJStotty785d ago

Even if they do release quality content over the next 12 months, you know as well as i do Eonjay, that the people that peruse this site, will label it as "not as good as Sony", even if it wins multiple GOTY awards, it will be "mediocre", and even it gets a 99 on metacritic, and is one of the best games ever launched, it will be labelled "uninnovative"

The truth is no matter what game Microsoft launch, N4SF (news for Sony fanboys) will downplay it.

RauLeCreuset785d ago

@alb1899 and @DJStotty

"Good content is not a thing of one day."

It hasn't been a day. It's been 6,962 days since Xbox entered the console space 19 years ago. I would expect the training wheels to be off by now and for them to have long ago found their groove. Eonjay acknowledged that they well could be positioned to do great this gen, but simply said they should be praised when they deliver.

It amazes me that you two found that objectionable. Day 6,963 and DJStotty is having to resort to deflections about how people here would react in a hypothetical scenario instead of being able to talk about that scenario as the reality. What other console manufacturer has dropped the ball as much as the Xbox brand and remained a major player in the console market? I'll bet they actually won a gen or two to give them some cushion for their mistakes. Yet, you two are acting like people are too harsh on Xbox. I don't get it.

alb1899784d ago

Is not a thing of a day that all the investment of the past two years will give results. Obsidian has started in the right way and we still have to see what comes from Bethesda, The Initiative, Turn 10 and Ninja Theory.

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Thundercat77785d ago

They always do great third place and they are positioned to do the same this Gen.

Vx_785d ago

...that it has no exculsives.

KinoFan783d ago

WOW... 65 down votes the hate for Microsoft XBOX is beyond real. I never said they'd win just they'll do well and the hate comes out.

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lellkay785d ago

"the best content"

pahahahahahaahahahahahhahaaha hahahahahahahahahahaha

RazzerRedux785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

"And we are supporting it with the best content with the best community."

What's wrong with his reading?

alb1899785d ago

He is talking to the investor about the direction of the company. To bring a small piece of he said is not good intentions.

RazzerRedux784d ago

He called the content......"the best content". There is nothing with the "reading" of what he said.

You just don't like lellkay's reaction and that is fine, but saying it is about his ability to read is just bullshit. Factually, you are the one with a reading problem if you want to get technical about it.

RazzerRedux785d ago

“What is being done to set Xbox apart from the PS 5 to win the console war?”

"Uh....I got nothing."
-Nadella. PR bullshit filtered out

SullysCigar785d ago

Good job Phil doesn't one of those filters - we'd never hear from him again!

Focus40785d ago

Only ones who cares about a console war are children