“I Never Intended To Create An Adults-Only Game” | Summertime Saga Developer Interview |

How does a novice game developer accidentally create the most popular adult game with $70,000 a month in Patreon donations?

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oof6781128d ago

I just don't get horny people sometimes. $70,000 a month in Patreon lmao

Scissorman82128d ago

lol i know but its a free game and the writing is apparently quite good. its funny to hear the dev say how vanilla he is sexually while legions of fans ask him to include every fetish under the sun. :P

badz149128d ago

not much different than onlyfans. in fact, I feel the mentality of onlyfans payers are harder to understand than this. at least with this, you gotta "play" something while the only thing you gotta "play" from your money spent on onlyfans is yourself.

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Binarycode128d ago

Must be youngsters. If your a grown man playing this. GET A LIFE.

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KrushBait128d ago

I completely admire the creator of this game. It makes me feel happy during my lonely times :D

Scissorman82128d ago

I know! To think that he sorta stumbled into this genre is the funniest part of his story. And look at him now. I can't even begin to imagine what I would do with 70K a month in donations. That's the beauty with a game like this: as long as the requests from fans aren't too absurd, it will definitely make it into the game.

KrushBait128d ago

Not to mention, there is still no microtransaction in the game. No paid DLC or whatsoever.

AmazingVector128d ago

It's a really great effort with a crazy story. I think it's great that even though it might not be everyone's cup of tea, this game has no extra paid content and goes the extra mile. Really great stuff.

Scissorman82128d ago

no paid extra content - what a concept!