Black Ops Cold War New Streaks, Raid Map Coming in Season 1, Report Says AUG & M16 Nerfs Incoming

Treyarch has confirmed we'll see Black Ops Cold War new scorestreaks in Season 1 alongside the return of BO2's Raid map! M16 & AUG getting nerfed hard.

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irishyort52d ago

It needs to address the constant crashing it is causing after the first patch. Was going well for a few days there now crashes all the time on my old OneX

BenRC0151d ago

Massive lag spikes while playing over WiFi, never had an issue with any other game. Went wired and it cured it.

51d ago
StoneyYoshi51d ago

I have this uninstalled until they fix the issue where the game is bricking XSX and PS5's and its very disappointing. I had a hard crash playing this over the weekend on my PS5 right after seeing reports of the issue. I uninstalled once I realized it didn't brick my console and I wont go back until I hear good news. I have other new games to enjoy while I wait anyway.