SplitFish Clarifies January 30 Sony PlayStation 3 Force Feedback System News Release

SplitFish GameWare, a leader in video game hardware innovation, today responded to the growing interest and speculation stemming from their January 30 press release regarding their SensorFX force feedback system that they have developed for the PlayStation 3 and other next-generation video game consoles.

According to SplitFish president, Ken Tetterington, "SplitFish is devoted to bringing our controller technologies such as the SensorFX and EdgeFX to the PlayStation 3 and other next generation gaming systems so that consumers can have the most exciting, immersive gaming experience possible. We have met recently and continue discussions with Sony Computer Entertainment of America specifically related to SplitFish's up coming PS3 gaming technology portfolio. However, SCEA have not, as they have stated, yet seen our very recent force feedback technology."

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Voodoochild4904d ago

I hope Sony is going to implement this technology into there console. I would buy another controller if it featured such technology!

DJ4904d ago

How good is this feedback system? That, and I wonder if Sony doesn't have similar tech in the works for their SixAxis controller (non-mechanical feedback that doesn't violate Immersion's patent)

Dick Jones4904d ago

Tilting and Spinning your six axis is the future. Accept it.

fablex4904d ago

It is the furture according to Sony. I like the rumbling in the Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, etc, etc. It gives you a better indication of how you drive, or in some games it is a little clearer then if you get hit.

nanometric4903d ago

They said, that rumble was last gen, but this is whole different tech