Phil Spencer, Lisa Su and Laura Miele Appearing On Game Awards Panel To Discuss Next-Gen

Before the Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley will be sitting down with a number of industry figures to talk about the state of gaming and what lies ahead for the next generation.

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utopiancat53d ago

Let's play a drinking game, every time Phil says Sony we all have to drink... and no whining about how you feel like you're going to die of alcohol poisoning.

SullysCigar53d ago

I'm just glad to hear Phil is finally starting to think about next gen.

crazyCoconuts53d ago

Like inviting the Washington Generals to talk about basketball

Mr Pumblechook53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Phil should ask Lisa Su what's in PS5's secret sauce.

TheScotsman53d ago

Lol now your so right I thought he didn't realise this was supposed to be Next Gen already. Not improved last gen lol

ZeroBlue253d ago

Baffles the mind that anyone takes the guy seriously anymore.

FanboysKiller52d ago

@Mr Pumblechook
Something beyond Physics and materialism .

FanboysKiller52d ago

@Mr Pumblechook
I think it's going to happen.

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-Foxtrot53d ago

I thought we could drink every time Phil obviously bullshits or says something that goes against what he said a few months ago.

Then we can all die of alcohol poisoning

RangerWalk26753d ago

Lisa Su is only going to collect that big boy check from Phil. I wonder how much it cost to have AMD give Microsoft the better versions of the ZEN2 and RDNA 2 than what the PS5 is packing? I guess it doesn't matter. They're a trillion dollar company. They could absorb the PlayStation division and not even feel it.

andy8553d ago

Better versions that perform worse? Makes sense

neutralgamer199252d ago (Edited 52d ago )


Haha they may have taken ms money but sony has the better zen 2 and custom RDNA. Mark Cerny knows more than both of them combined and what's so ironic is sony isn't even a software company. Raw power vs custom built from ground up to take full advantage and cut down on development costs and time

FanboysKiller52d ago

When the time comes at least don't change the subject.

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52d ago
Battlestar2353d ago

Wonder if it's true that Microsoft is buying Kojima Productions and that Cory Barlog is leaving Sony to head up a new Studio for Microsoft.

NXFather53d ago

Where/who did you hear this from?

Battlestar2353d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Heard it from some insiders on Neogaf probably just made up but then Microsoft bought Bethesda so who knows what can happen at this point?

LucasRuinedChildhood53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Kojima wouldn't be able to use the Decima engine anymore and they'd need to start from scratch if what you are saying is true. There's also a far more common rumour that he's developing Silent Hills for PS5 and that Bluepoint are working on the MGS Remake.

gamer780453d ago

Ive not heard that anywhere, I don’t think that’s even remotely close to happening.

Outside_ofthe_Box53d ago

They want to buy the "walking simulator" studio?

NXFather53d ago

Oh this is not one of the things that I am Absolutely sure is false with proof like some things. I honestly wanted to know and I will Absolutely Always need proof even if it's only proof of a rumor. Still thanks.

BlaqMagiq152d ago

You know deep down that's not true. Don't try to spread baseless rumors.

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curtain_swoosh53d ago

haha i can smell the Delusion out of Spencers mouth already.

Gunstar7553d ago

You pathetic individual.

Toxix pricks all over the place.

Dragonscale52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Not really. We've been listening to the same delusion for 7 years now. He's full of shit. Typical ad hominem attack because you've no argument.

Eonjay52d ago

It is not delusional to hold Phil to the same standard as anyone else in charge.


Spencer is the head of the games division of the biggest software company in the world. He's also a family man.

I'm curious as to what you've done with your life that's so incredible that you can criticize another man.

Gunstar7553d ago

He is also a programmer and a gamer....

He is a sound dude

1Victor53d ago

@logic “I'm curious as to what you've done with your life that's so incredible that you can criticize another man.”

1st he’s not the head of the biggest gaming division, one of the biggest is debatable the biggest NO
2nd What qualifications do you have to ask for anyone’s life achievements to criticize someone else bad comments regardless of been kings or homeless

RedDevils53d ago

Logicwins we get it, you worship him in your bedroom.

Gunstar7552d ago

@1victor you misquoted @LOGICWINS who said Phil was head of the gaming division of the biggest SOFTWARE company in the world. NOT head of the biggest GAMING company. I used caps to assist your reading comprehension.

As for the vile comments and vitriol Phil Spencer receives from contributors on here...he isn't a politician, whose decisions have any meaningful impact on your life, so back off with the vitriol. You wouldn't say it to his face, which makes you childish keyboard warriors. If you would, then that would make you massive idiots. Pick the cap that fits or calm down.

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LucasRuinedChildhood53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Btw guys, the use of spam bots on N4G is getting a bit out of hand.

Many people on N4G have noticed it but we should all pay attention to this going forward so we can spot it when it happens. The decrease/increase in downvotes/upvotes isn't always enough to flip a comment section but the change is always by a similar amount quite a while after a TLOU2 article is posted.

I checked the highlighted comment section 4-5 hours ago and the ratios looked about the same as the "BEFORE" screenshot so there had been no apparent foul play at that point. Wish I took another screenshot but the moderators need to look into this. I have no idea how the spam bots are being for other heated topics but it's unlikely that they're just being used for TLOU2.

RauLeCreuset53d ago

The obvious desperation is hilarious and sadly pathetic. Whoever is doing it should be embarrassed. I don't get what anyone gets out of doing it. It doesn't change what was said. No one is so weak willed that they're going to reverse their positions because the ratios on some comments were manipulated except the people so desperate for validation that they're manipulating the ratios. Congrats to them on the desperate play to keep their alternate reality on life support a little longer before they're forced to return to reality I guess?

SullysCigar52d ago

I noticed this too, Lucas. I made a positive comment regarding TLOU2 on the ND announcement article, looked 30 minutes later and I had 15 disagrees. Looked 8 hours later, only one more disagree....nothing fishy at all lol

Someone is very upset about the game lol

I noticed it right from when the leaks came out before it's release, right through the reviews and in subsequent articles. Mods can tell who has agreed/disagreed, so it should be dealt with. At the moment, it paints a negative perception of how gamers feel about the game, when the truth is MUCH more swayed towards the positive. It's misinformation, so should be investigated.

LucasRuinedChildhood52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@RauLeCreuset The spam bots are being used to flip comment sections as a way of generating proof that the game is divisive and hated. It's just like the way the 38,000 negative user scores on Metacritic within the first 3 days (the majority of negative reviews that the game received) are used as proof when we all know that those reviews were a joke spurred by TheQuartering (the average was a 3), and that more distributed reviews came in over time from the people who actually played the game until the positive reviews eventually surpassed the negative ones. It really is desperate.

That's why Foxtrot in particular gets irritated when the review bombing and the use of duplicate accounts and spam bots are highlighted, and starts insulting people. He wants it to be real. He keeps claiming that the reason the user score on Metacritic increased so much is because the 0s on Metacritic were all deleted and that the 3-day review policy was implemented for TLOU2 (it was not). I linked an article disproving that and he tried to move the goalposts and claimed that the 3 day was actually implemented for TLOU2 ... just weeks after released. haha.

OB1Biker52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

People cant take a harmless joke about Spencer anymore. He has become a super star and could have his own TV reality show. Heck he could run for President of the US.

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Deathdeliverer53d ago

Having someone like Phil Spencer be a host better come with a tight script. Otherwise it’s a Microsoft E3 press conference where they’ve agreed to play other companies trailers. He must have one hell of an announcement that he wants a lot of people to hear. Is this where they show Elder Scrolls 6 and let you know it will be releasing exclusive on XBOX and gamepass?

porkChop53d ago

He's not a host? He's just part of onr discussion panel talking about next gen. Lisa Su from AMD is also on that panel.

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