Sony's PlayStation 5 outspent Microsoft's Xbox Series X three to one in launch ads

The two-week period ahead of the console launches was the video gaming category’s most active in 2020.

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Jin_Sakai43d ago

Microsoft’s too busy spending on Gamepass ads.

phoenixwing43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

An executive for sony would see this and realize they should probably spend a third less at least on advertising for the ps6 if their competition achieves the same thing at a third of the cost. I say this so they're spending double their competition instead of triple which is overkill. With that said this is all my opinion just speculating lol

BehindTheRows43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

What have they achieved like PlayStation? We know they're being outsold in hardware (yes, currently - PS5 has already begun outselling the Series S|X), sell less games, and the Xbox Division makes less money than PlayStation.

Sounds like it is the other guys who need to take a page out of Sony's handbook.

bouzebbal43d ago

Sony hardware company makes better hardware than Microsoft.
Sony no software company makes better software than Microsoft.


smashman9843d ago

I guarantee you playstation has out sold series sx by a ratio of atleast 3:1. I think Microsofts reasoning for not going heavy on marketing is simple. There's nothing to really market.

JustTheFax43d ago

I agree with you only because both systems are out of stock and impossible to get right now. Microsoft saved on advertising but still sold out their consoles. Not bad.

phoenixwing43d ago

that was my exact point glad you don't have fanboy goggles on

FreeFallFrenzy42d ago

In a way what you say makes sense. Both companies are selling out of all of their stock, so maybe going triple over the competition is overkill, but it's also about getting that mindset that PlayStation is the place to play, and building that momentum is huge. In the long run it will definitely pay off, but does seem silly right now at first glance.

Army_of_Darkness42d ago


Do you seriously think that it's Overkill for Sony to spend three times the amount on ads when you factor in the cost of ms's recent purchase of $7.5 billion on Bethesda?? 🤣
I'm sure Microsoft would have spent the same amount on ads or even more if it weren't for their crazy high purchase recently.

Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

“that was my exact point glad you don't have fanboy goggles on”

You don’t need fanboy googles to know the outcome. When both consoles are in stock PS5 will still outsell Series X by at least 2:1 possibly 3:1.

JustTheFax42d ago

@Jin_Sakai Oh my god, give the sony cheerleader thing a rest, it is exhausting! We get it, the playstation will outsell the xbox like it does every other generation. It doesn't take a genius to point that out. Are you going to post that the sky is blue and grass is green as well?

BehindTheRows42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It isn’t about ‘fanboy goggles’ (ironic given, at least in my case, I have no horse in this race and presented you with facts you clearly didn’t rebut).

Your point was Sony should have looked to MS on how to spend less. Mine was that’s silly given Sony’s strat. is the more successful one.

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SullysCigar43d ago

I'm think Sony probably saved a lot by not paying 'influencers' to talk their new console up over the past 6 months, so they opted for standard launch ads instead...doesn't seem to have hurt demand!

Sitdown43d ago

Guess you missed the whole Travis Scott thing....but who are we kidding, you are SullysCigar, you are accustomed to blowing smoke.

Now with that being said, I don't understand Sony spending that much to advertise. You running commercials for a product that must people won't be able to get for a while. By time you saw the commercial, it was much too late.

jukins43d ago

@Sitdown this is why youre not in marketing. Regardless of if you can get one or not keeping it first and foremost in gamers minds will lead to more hype more desire. Have you not seen all the people sleeping outside for ps5s? People all over the net asking when its going to be in stock, stalking websites. Its about mind as well as marketshare. And its clear ps5 atm is more desirable.

SullysCigar43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

^ Jukins gets it! As do Sony - that's why they're the market leaders :^)

It's a shame Sony's fun and creative marketing, designed to get people talking, also upsets the haters though..

Sitdown43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Actually I do work in some marketing, but it definitely shows why you are not. We are not talking about not marketing, but where to concentrate efforts. On the front end, they don't need as much, because during the holiday season, store toy books, news, and word of mouth will do the marketing for them. Plenty of "influencers" will be trying to be the first, and they can use them. Coming January is when marketing should pick up more. If you really think the commercials are causing people to sleep outside, and ask for more stock, you are clueless, the Brand accomplished that all by itself. Many of us were waiting to preorder before a single commercial or advertisement launched. Scarcity is also driving this, you really think people dropping a grand because of Travis Scott? Burger King got you hyped for Playstation? Seeing a sky writer is the final proof needed to want one? The mind space as been there because the Brand has built that appeal.

DaveZero43d ago

They didnt need to, they paid this lot of fanboys instead.

JackBNimble42d ago

Sony should be spending that 2/3rds more when there is stock actually sitting on the shelves .
Who's to say MS isn't going to boost it's marketing when they actually need to.

Both companies know their stock is going to sell at the beginning of the new gen. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this.

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NeoGamer23243d ago

You are too busy slagging Microsoft in every time you see any opportunity. Seriously. We get you don't like Microsoft. Move on. Everyone else has.

jukins43d ago

Alternatively we know you absolutely adore xbox and praise them at every opportunity. Seriously we get it move on. . .

NeoGamer23243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

XB is my Primary console. It is not my only gaming platform, and if you acrtually look at my post history I would hardly call my posts with XB praise.

Do I defend them on inaccurate info absolutely. But I also do the same on PC, PS and Nintendo. It is just there are people here that I guess don't have any games or something because they spend their time jumping on every XB every opportunity they get.

Buying XB is a choice people make just like PS or Nintendo. Nobody is less of a gamer based on what console they buy.

DaveZero43d ago

You get downvoted for telling the fanboys they slag Microsoft off in almost every article, which is true, then after they have downvoted you they realise that what you said was totally right and the next article about anything MS will have exactly what you mentioned in.

It's always been clear on here that it's a mostly Sony fanboy loving sight, the funny thing is what you mentioned is so true and they know it to despite the downvotes

rlow143d ago

Were is the logic? The title says Sony outspent MS on ads. But you make a comment to the contrary. To much sake?

DerfDerf42d ago

It just means they spent more money for no reason when both consoles sold out instantly

MightyHealthy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

You say that like its a bad thing.
MS is aggressively building what is essentially netflix for games.
If sony was pushing ps now the same way would you have the same comment?

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seanpitt2343d ago

Let’s face it Sony will be making a lot more money on software sales because of how many ps5 they are selling so they can spend more money on adds but to be honest I didn’t think they need to because the ps5 will sell regardless especially with how the world is right now

solideagle43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

MS spent all money on buying studios. I think it doesn't make sense for MS to spend a lot of money on launch ads when they are doing fine and (let's be honest here) they don't have any next-gen console exclusive which screams buy me (yet) . both consoles sold out. 1st year is important but 2nd or 3rd year define the console. That's what we have seen in the past. Sony is already in a good spot with HZD, Ratchet, GT and probably GOW.

MS will show their games in 2021 and the demand will increase, I predict MS will do better than previous generation.

DaveZero43d ago

I think you got it spot on and I think as those games start releasing there will be alot of playstation owners who go out and buy a console for the exclusives on Xbox.

Despite the way people are on here towards MS I do enjoy my Series S, I'm happy and that's all that counts.

I do not think a company has to go and spend crazy amounts on advertisement as Sony appeared to have done, its bonkers that they have actually done that when they know they had a good machine and with it some good exclusives.

Eventually playstation will gave its dry times with games, each console gets them where games do not release for a while. What is good about the xbox is gamers have a massive library of games to fall back on if a dry age of no games happens.

ApocalypseShadow42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Microsoft doing fine by selling less than what they wish they had? Okay. Sure. More waiting again besides less advertising spending? Sure.

Sony spending more to capture more sales sooner, means more market share and first party games sold. More 3RD parties putting their games on PS5. Which also means VR 2.0 launches sooner as well.

It's a smart strategy compared to a trillion dollar company that puts no effort in launch games, UI, controller, etc. Results speak for themselves. More gamers want a PlayStation.

utopiancat43d ago

How much did Microsoft outspend Sony to get websites to write negative articles about Sony?

lelo2play43d ago

How much did Sony outspend Microsoft to get websites to write negative articles about Microsoft?

It goes both ways.

Kavorklestein43d ago

I doubt Ms paid to smear Sony.
They may have paid some to talk good about Xbox, but to smear Sony?
Come On dude, don't be ridiculous.

SullysCigar43d ago

See: the inception of, how they were financed by Microsoft and how they brought down PS3 review scores on Metacritic. Here's hoping that's all in the past, though eh?

Kados43d ago

That is some Trump level conspiracy theory garbage. Do you honestly believe MS payed sites to badmouth the competition? If so, get help.

Sirk7x42d ago

Concerning the person below talking about Polygon, weren't they actually partially funded by Sony, and not Microsoft?

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lelo2play43d ago

Sony must a spend a crapload of money on the UEFA Champions League adds.

Gravity_DoGG43d ago

Which they can afford to do. They will be making that money back easily, something no other company would be able to as they dont "care" about hardware sales.

Stanjara43d ago

I was about to say that. It's on a national news when there is sport section. On the field PS5. Commercial in between.
I was like ...nice!
Funny when I had xbox and played fifa...xbox360 ads on the field and I thought that is not realistic at all.

anast43d ago

MS already owns a metric ton of platforms on which to advertise.