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Pure PSVR: The Contractors port from PC to the Quest is a smashing success and is another reminder of how much the Quest 2 can accomplish in terms of looks and performance. It doesn’t look as good as the PC version obviously, but it still looks fantastic and is a blast to play. The weapons look and feel great, and the new co-op mode is a nice addition to an already stacked menu. If it can maintain a steady player-base, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, then this could easily be the destination for many Quest shooter fans for a long time to come.

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SirBruce47d ago

This is magical... I love Oculus Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop and as stand alone... and Oculus Link is improving at light speed. It is also good for Sony, as they now have the tools for making a PSVR 2 better than this, with WiFi 6 and USB-C 3.2 as options, and selling it for less than 200$. Sony can save on CPU/CPU in the headset, as PS5 can make most of the work, also on storage, as the headset for PS5 does not need more than a couple of GB. And time runs on Sony's favour... as PSVR 2 has 18 months more of development time against what Facebook and Oculus have done till now.
VR present and future is impressive. Half-Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, Super Hot... the list of games and experiences now is more than enough to make sure that VR is not only a value, but necesary for every gamer who cares about games.

traumadisaster47d ago

Sony did have a head start but once the process of quest 2 occurred I’d wonder if that more recent experience puts fb at the forefront. Sony has to make money on vr so $200 seems low for what they do in the consumer electronics space.

I like what you mentioned about using all of the power of the ps5 to serve dual roles.

Seems MS and fb would want to partner to combat Sony.

SirBruce47d ago

Hardware is far cheaper than 5 years ago, not only RAM, storage or CPU+GPU, but lenses and manufacturing. VR is far more mature to build every year, with many brands focused on it and making it a lot cheaper with each revision.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Without sales numbers data, are they really at the forefront? It's being sold at a loss. Propped up by Facebook advertising user data.

PSVR2 was gong to use the power of PS5 anyway. Wireless or not.

Maybe they should pair up again besides just a controller for Rift(which is also discontinued in favor of Quest). Sony needs the competition.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Sony already has the tools without Oculus. They have a set idea where PSVR 2 is going without Facebook's help. Be it the controllers or the headset. They know how to make smaller screens with high resolution(info is out there. Not talking about PSVR), they own the sensors market, they are experienced in small tech design electronics and portables if they wished to make it wireless before Facebook even showed up. They surely don't need Facebook's help on game design.

PSVR 2 is going to be better than Oculus Quest 2 regardless as it will be made later. Just like Quest 2 is better than PSVR 1 in tech design that was made 4 years ago.

Sony can't even learn from Facebook on sales as they never posted sales numbers for Go before discontinuing it. Never posted sales numbers for Quest before discontinuing it. And there's no Quest 2 numbers. Just PR marketing thrown out there to hype but not reveal any real information worthy in saying it's a success or not. It's being sold at a loss with the end goal of getting more user data and selling it for advertising. Sony sold PSVR at a profit, actually announced sales and is selling it to deliver VR and not ads.

I think Sony will do fine on their own. Not knocking you. But we both are well aware that Sony can outdo Oculus in tech design.

mafiahajeri47d ago

Purepsvr? This isnt even on psvr 🤦‍♂️

ApocalypseShadow47d ago

The only correct comment in this thread. An Oculus review from a supposed, "pure" PlayStation site. Definitely ridiculous.