December Humble Choice Makes a Great Bundle for Indie Game Fans

The next set of games offered in the Humble Choice has been announced and there are quite a few good options for Indie Game fans.

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Machina905d ago

That's a 'pause' month for me.

Father__Merrin904d ago

I've paused every month since shenmue Street fighter collection bundle. Getting sick of them always bundling rouge like rpg and retro styled games

Vits904d ago

This is one of the most "niche" months that they ever done. It's not bad per see, but it is lacking something more mainstream.

That said I'm getting it for the Shining Resonance Refrain and Zwei games.

Obelisk92903d ago

Pretty boring month, I was hoping for something much better. Last three months have been kind of bad, the last one I got was the one with Vampyr.