The Next Dragon Age Will Appear at The Game Awards

If you’re interested in the upcoming Dragon Age game, you may want to check out The Game Awards next week.

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RazzerRedux46d ago

Would love for Bioware to pick themselves up after getting dusted by Anthem and put out a real *Bioware* game again.

Abriael46d ago

All they'd have to do to achieve that is remaking Dragon Age Origins :P

NeoGamer23245d ago

No, at this point they have to prove they can make a decent new game.

neutralgamer199246d ago

Please have less fetch quests that you are forced to do in order to open main story missions. DA:I had way way too many fetch quests

camel_toad45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yeh that was the main reason I got too bored to finish the game. I think I was at 100+ hours and right at the end but I was just done with it. The same thing happened to me with Andromeda.

Mass Effect 2 on the other I had beaten about 4 or 5 times over the years and on the hardest difficult - and the original Dragon Age at least 2 or 3 times.

I miss old Bioware.

Elwenil45d ago

Bioware is dead. All you will get now are equivalent to the involuntary jerking movements of a corpse.

ziggurcat45d ago

I thought I read somewhere that they were basing the next DA on Anthem's gameplay style - so MP GaaS filled with MTs and loot boxes.

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RaidenBlack46d ago

Hope its a proper trailer this time rather than the ones we previously got ...

Abriael46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I honestly doubt it. "Special look" doesn't sound very promising to me.

AngelicIceDiamond46d ago

Developer Diary is what it sounds like. Showing concept's but no real game play.

A waste of time if they're not showing gameplay imo.

solideagle46d ago

casey hudson and Mark Darrah left just before this...interesting

Eamon45d ago

Yeh, not good at all. Bioware is finished. Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda were lame. And Anthem was a complete disaster.

ZeroBlue246d ago

Not very high hopes for this.

robtion45d ago

I want it to be great but am worried it will be filled with GaaS or other exploitative features.

If they can provide a quality, single player only, story focused RPG experience I'm all in.

MatrixxGT45d ago

Pretty sure the GaaS version was canned. Even though Casey and Mark are leaving I remain hopeful DA will be ok. I want to believe they are restructuring and getting their stuff together. I also think EA has eased off the a little because EA been trying to play the “were supporting SP games too, see Star Wars” plus EA doesn’t want another Anthem.

drunkenspy00746d ago

the first dragon age was the best, and also the spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate (The new BG3 being the successor of divinity original sin). The later games since were made for controllers/consoles to target a larger audience, but were never as good as the first. Anything new is just their continual cash grab on the original game they made.

thornintheside45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

How do you reckon that the new BG3, is the spiritual successor of Divinity Original Sin?. I've been waiting 18 years for BG3, I'd be pretty disappointed if it's more of a successor to D:OS

drunkenspy00745d ago

Larian studios is making it and it's already being compared to D:OS as having the exact same game play. There's plenty of articles if you want to research further. Personally, I wish that Obsidian made BG3 instead of Larian because Obsidian was once Black Isle studios who made the original BGs. The game will still be good, but expect the feel of D:OS games instead of the first two BGs.

phoenixwing46d ago

Literally nothing is going to get me to tune into the game awards. I'll wait for the day or hours after to hear about anything noteworthy. Could care less about who wins what award.

NeoGamer23245d ago

To me, this could be one of the best game awards ever. I expect a lot of big announcements.

phoenixwing45d ago

the big announcements will get to me news wise across the usual channels. I'm not tuning in to see a bunch of awards chosen by other people. Good for the devs who win but it doesn't mean much of anything to me and same goes for movie awards.

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The story is too old to be commented.